Here are 6 start up companies that you should be looking out for

companies that you should look

Start up companies are birthing rapidly in all countries. Working from home is the new normality and many companies such as Twitter have made working from home permanently.  These companies that you should look at can vary in fields but can be absolutely beneficial in many ways. While marketplaces may be selling startup companies online, others are starting from scratch and hoping for investors. 

Virtual companies and employment is the way forward with the future thinking of technology. Nearly all organisations, publications and companies are all online, thanks to the comfortability we have with devices. 

While there are many startup companies out there, we have narrowed down 5 startup companies that you should look out for. 

Wealthy Gorilla

This online website focuses on publishing articles that are motivational and can inspire self development. There is also a variety of articles that includes quotes, celebrity net worth profiles, entertainment lists and richest lists. 

Dan Western is the creator of Wealthy Gorilla and it started out as a blog when he was just 19 years old and with $100 in his pocket. His motivation was fitness and helping others with self growth. The website has generated over 2,100 articles within 6 years and is now worth 7 figures. As a total, there are 160 million views on the website and an average of 60 million users around the world. Wealthy Gorilla has over 200,000 followers on social media platforms. 

Wealthy Gorilla has been mentioned on world famous news websites including Forbes, FOX, Men’s Health, Daily Mail, The Sun, Elite Daily, and other publications. 


ContactPigeon is a startup company that is based in Greece, but used globally for marketing campaigns. It helps target clients on the email list to promote and market services and products for companies. It is a very clever tool to use for marketing and targeting promotions at clients, as it can bring back a high probability of success to the companies that you should look

It can even integrate with e commerce platforms, so that the customers can be redirected to the websites, if they are interested in the marketing campaign. ContactPigeon now works alongside huge  brands such as BodyShop. 


Tutoroo is an online educational platform that allows students to find tutors globally. Students are able to learn different languages from teachers who are credited and have shown proof. 

Not only that, but students are able to physically meet teachers in case they want to pay in cash, or they can pay directly to the tutors bank account. 

It is very useful for new teachers who want to gain experience by tutoring online and for students who can take advantage of online classes for a fair price.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can participate in jobs that will pay them based on their skills. Employers can also post jobs online and seek out for freelance employees. 

This can be for any skill, such as translation, writing, producing and even tutoring. It was officially launched in 2010, but has rapidly grown successful globally and has made good use for people to earn money during the pandemic. 


TaskRabbit is an American startup company that is also a marketplace for employment. It matches freelance labour with demands made locally in America and Canada. 

Even though it was launched in 2008, the company grew popular at ease and is now funded $37.7 million. The inspiration of the startup company came from the founder not having time to buy dog food, so she relied on neighbours to help. Hence why the company specifically focuses on local demand, needing freelance employees with verified background checks. 

Bored Panda

Bored Panda is a website that focuses on producing content for an online audience. It soon gained popularity on social media, with articles that have topics based on lifestyle, animals, true stories and heartbreaking stories. 

It is a Lithuanian website that was founded in 2009 and consists of 41 employees only. It has won the LOGIN award for the News Media Website. 

It is a great startup company online as it has a similar platform to huge companies such as LadBible, only it targets a wider audience and tackles sensitive subjects. 



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