14 – How To Write A Business Thank You Note

business thank you note

Have you been considering writing thank you notes to add an extra touch of personalization to your business correspondence? Whether you are sending messages to a list of clients or keeping in touch with important associates and partners, you’re going to want to do it with style. Follow the tips below to write an excellent business thank you note.

Start With the Perfect Greeting

The beauty of thank you notes is the effectiveness in their simplicity. To establish a rapport with your recipient, address your customers, clients, and other contacts by their names. You can greet your recipient by saying “John” or “Hello, John.” Establishing this personal contact at the beginning creates an immediate connection with your recipient.

Add a Personal Touch to the Note

What makes a thank you note special? It is not a forgettable piece of bulk mail or junk email.

Business thank you cards require a personal touch. In your message, you can call to mind something special about your relationship with your contact. Be specific about the nature of your acknowledgment. Perhaps you’re thanking an individual for connecting you with a potential client, or maybe you want to thank someone for taking time to speak with you after a business seminar.

Depending on your relationship with your recipient, you can determine the appropriate level of personal touches to add to your note. For example, if you and your recipient are both on a first-name basis with another, it’s appropriate to refer to the individual by first name in your message. If it’s someone you don’t know as well, lean toward formality.

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Always Maintain a Professional Tone

While you might stay lighthearted in your message to a friend or a loved one, this approach isn’t what you want to take with your business contacts. Keep your tone professional throughout your note.

Always remember that jokes and slang can often be misinterpreted, especially in a short message. Keep your words clear and direct so that your recipient doesn’t take your message out of context, which can counteract your intended communication.

Create the Proper Closing and Signature

When you have written your note, and you’re ready to close your message, you want to keep your closing message clear and professional with a conclusion. Avoid using this closing portion to set up a sales pitch. Instead, treat the closing as an opportunity to create goodwill between you and your recipient. The professional format to follow for how to sign a card should be as simple and use words such as “sincerely” or “respectfully yours,” followed by your name.

Knowing how to write an effective business thank you note is essential to any business. Use the tips above to help you get started on your thank you note. Always keep your intended recipient in mind so that you can create a card that is heartfelt and professional. Make your business thank you card a reflection of who you are and the business that you represent.