Dogs That Don’t Shed- Best Breeds With Minimum Shedding

dogs that don't shed

Dogs That Don’t Shed and Details About Them 

Most dog lovers fail to get one as a pet, the sole reason that they can’t find a breed of Dogs that don’t shed. Dogs are said to be the man’s best friend, and they have firmly taken the number one spot when it comes to the list of pets that one wishes to own.

Well, one of the primary reasons that put every wanna-be dog owner on hold is their hair shedding. Overall, pet dogs are some of the best companions that you can get in your entire lifetime. However, one has to sacrifice and make adjustments in the households accordingly. One such factor that contributes to this point of pet dogs is their hair and the dogs that shed.

More Details 

If, by any chance, you are one potential pet dog owner and holding back because of the breeds that shed too much, then don’t worry! The dog lovers will be elated to know that there are several dog breeds that don’t shed or have a minimum shedding season.

Here in this list of no shedding dogs, we have some of the cutest and cuddliest dog breeds that you can own that tend to shed minimum compared to the high shedding dog breeds.

Dogs that don’t Shed Much-



The first one on the list of dogs that don’t shed much and only have a short shedding season is Basenji. This is a smart and sleek dog that will be an excellent house pet for any family. Another fantastic thing about basenji is that it comes with its own unique and funny barking/yodeling sounds that no other dog can imitate.

Bedlington terrier

These are one of the cutest pet dogs that you can get as a pet. They look weirdly adorable as they look a bit sheepish. They can be trimmed and be made to look even cuter. One has to take care of the growth of hair and cut it accordingly. They are wonderful for pet competent as well as they have very lean and stern bodies. However, less shedding doesn’t mean that you are free from all the hairy mess. You have to take care and trim or style them every now and then.

Bichon Frise

This is one of the most favorite small or minimalist household dogs that the kids adore. When you groom and trim them well, they look like little fluffballs! They are majorly all white in colour, which enhances their beauty altogether. Since they come in all-white coat colour, they are really hard to maintain as even a tiny spec of dirt can really stand out in them.

Brussels Griffon

dogs that don't shed

They are pretty similar to Bichon Frise, but they don’t come in the white colour. They usually come in a mix of two colours which are mainly brown and black. Also, they are an excellent pet for small or compact houses where there is not much space to roam around or sprint. This is due to the small size that helps them to adapt into small sections of the house. Though they shed very little, they need to be groomed and taken care of occasionally. If you really want to get this as your pet, then it is advised that you consult a proper dog trainer before making the final choice for the best results! 

Cairn terrier

If you want to go somewhere between Brussels Griffon and Bichon, then you can definitely look to get Cairn terrier as your little member of the family. Same as the other two breeds, they are great for tiny houses as well. Moreover, the strong coat sheds very little, so you don’t need to worry about finding hair from every corner of the house. 

Chinese Crested

dogs that don't shed

They are one of the most decorated dogs that you can find on this list. They can look really funky when some effort is put into them. Moreover, They have oddly attractive hair around their neck and head that can be tied and knotted to look incredibly stylish. The long white hair hanging from their ears and neck looks significantly different as no other dog has a similar style of hair. Despite having some long hair, they shed minimally. However, they have some other health issues that one needs to take care of once they decide that they need to get one Chinese crested for a pet. 

Coton de Tulear

As you might have noticed in this list, most dog breeds that don’t shed or shed the minimum usually have long hair and a nice coat. This is another fine example; Coton de Tulear is a cute small-sized dog breed that has fantastic and shiny long hair if groomed well. They have high energy. Hence, the Coton breed loves to run and dig around! So make sure that you have ample space for this royal low shedding breed


dogs that don't shed

If you want a dog breed that has low shedding and doesn’t create a lot of ruckus in your household or want a breed that matches your low energy levels, then you must go for Havanese! They are a tiny and low-energy level dog breed that happens to shed less as well. You don’t need acres of land for this kind of breed, and they won’t fill up your house interiors with dog hairs as well. Another amazing thing about these miniature shedding breeds is that they are incredibly loyal to their owners. 

Lhasa Apso

Small yet vigilant, Lhasa Apso makes a wonderful house pet for various reasons. One of the main ones being that they are excellent guard dogs. They are alert at all times, and they love to protect their family. Moreover, their coat doesn’t shed much, but it definitely does need some specific attention so that they look good and are well maintained. Also, their dense and long coat may sometimes even cover their eyes! 


White and majestic, there is no doubt that Maltese as a breed looks godly. However, the significant condition that must apply here is that they have to be highly well-groomed. Their body falls under the category of small/medium. They have a straight and athletic build. However, the magical touch comes from the long and silky white coat theirs. The grey coat can catch anyone’s eye! 

Miniature Schnauzer


These little dogs are a package of energy and fun! Besides looking like the cutes creators you can find, these dogs love to play, dig and run in a Park! They come in mixed colours and have a short and dense coat. However, the coat is really easy to handle as compared to the long coat ones. Also, the minimum shedding of the hair is a major plus point of this breed. 

Scottish terrier


They are very similar to the Miniature Schnauzer, but they come in a dark and single colour. They have similar looks as well. However, they have their unique traits as well. They have a small yet robust body that helps them to endure a lot of strength. These Scottish terriers love to use their energy outdoors. They love to play games and socialize with other dogs and humans. However, their coat has to be cleaned and groomed at least once a week, but you will not get a chance to complain about the extreme shedding of this dog ever. 


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