The incredible Sylhet Sunrisers squad

Sylhet Sunrisers squad

Bangladesh is a country that constantly offers top-level cricket matches. Fans can visit in order to wager on all the exciting events that take place in this part of the world. One of the most interesting teams of the Bangladesh Premier League are the Sylhet Sunrisers. Sylhet Sunrisers squad

As it happened with many other teams who competed in this championship, it rebranded itself on a couple of occasions.

The current version of the team started as the Sylhet Sixers in 2017. By the end of 2019 the squad was renamed as Sylhet Thunder. Finally, during 2021 the team settled in the name Sylhet Sunrisers. The team has always been quite competitive in the BPL, meaning that wagering on it on 1xBet can be a winning decision.

It should be noted that there were other franchises that were considered as squads of the city of Sylhet prior to the emergence of the Sixers. They were the Royals and the Super Stars. However, they are considered as a different entity to the one that became the Sixers, Thunder and Sunrisers.

A late entrance into the Bangladesh Premier League

The Bangladesh Premier League in its current form was created in 2012. Currently, any sports live betting only with 1xBet provide great odds on this exciting cricket competition.

However, the Sylhet team made a relatively late appearance in this cricket competition. The first season where they participated was in the 2017-18 one. In this debut season, the team had some impressive performances, which were thanks in large part to the great names that were part of this squad. Some of these names included:

  • Sabbir Rahman;
  • Nurul Hasan;
  • and Taijul Islam.

This season started in an excellent way for the Sylhet team. In fact, they obtained four consecutive wins. However, things would start to go down after that, in large part due to a plethora of injuries suffered by many of its squad members. The best odds can be found only with 1xBet, where fans can make any sports live betting of their choice on the exciting BPL.

Stagnation during more recent seasons- Sylhet Sunrisers squad

From 2017 onwards, the Sylhet Sunrisers have failed to reach the playoff stage of the Bangladesh Premier League. Fans of this sport can bet cricket on 1xBet website on all phases of the competition, including the playoff stages.

This stagnation can be attributed to a few factors. There have been many occasions when the team has been really unlucky with the injuries, and this has severely affected its chances of performing in a better way. However, the team is quite aware of this issue, and they have been reinforcing their squad accordingly. For this reason, on the 1xBet website, it is a great idea to make a cricket bet on this team.


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