Rocket League: Devs Revealing The Ending of Season 12 And Start of Season 13!

Rocket League Season 12

This indie game company by the name Psyonix finally finished Rocket League back in 2015. Ever since the game has been gaining rapidly with players. The game is simulating soccer but, in a way, no one thought of it.

Rocket League Season 12 is now running in cinemas. And the twelfth season of the game is coming close to its end. Therefore, try to get maximum rankings in this game. So that you can claim for more rewards when the season ends. And Rocket League Season 12 will end on 4th December 2019.

However, its time to get more ranking and more rewards. Whereas season 13 will start just after the end of season 12. And you will get your rewards after 4th December.

There is no final date announced for the final season. But it is heard that it will start on 4th December 2019.

The game has been out for four years now and there is still new things about this game being discovered. And these skills take months or even years to master. And even the best players in the world can’t even stay on top do to the change in skill and playing style of the overall game.

More Details

Rocket League is a game based on skill and very little luck, and that means the more you play the better you get.

But still, this game is very hard to get good at, unless you put hours into the game to get better. Or even just a few hours a day or even a week. But that won’t stop people from playing the game. This game is made for everyone.

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You can play with family and friends in a private game, or even take to the field and play against random people. The fun never stops with custom rules and modes to play around with! Now get out there score some goals!


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