5 Great Tips to Help You Beef Up Your Gaming Setup

Gaming Setup

As any online gaming review site would say, you need to beef up your gaming setup to be able to enjoy new and upcoming games. There are a lot of new titles out there and your current setup might not be up to the task.

Fortunately, beef up your gaming is not that hard at all. Read on to find out some really helpful tips that will help you improve your gaming system- whether you are using a console or PC.

Be in the Know

In any gaming setup, you obviously have to have some games to play, right? It is important that you stay abreast of the latest information in the industry. There might be some upcoming titles that you would like to play the most.

For example, The Last of Us 2 has just been released and according to a lot of pundits and reviewers, it is one of the best game sequels ever made.

Of course, you might want to play a different game entirely, so always keep yourself updated about the latest in the industry for new titles.

Do Not Be Stingy

I think this should come as no surprise, but it has to be said- do not be stingy when it comes to upgrading your gaming setup. This not only means that you get a good game console or good components for your PC, but you also have to invest money in getting good gaming peripherals as well.

People who like to play first-person shooters on PC would definitely need to invest in a good gaming keyboard and mouse. Console players might also want to think about getting a 3rd party controller as well.

Although gaming peripherals can be expensive, they are definitely worth the purchase since they last for a very long time.

Know Some Important Terms

Now, I may have convinced you to get good gaming peripherals, but you should also invest some time to educate yourself as well. Let me explain.

Let’s say that you are going to get a gaming mouse, for example. You might just get the top-rated mouse that you can find on Amazon or your preferred online store. While there is nothing wrong with that, per se, you might not get the best one for you.

You see, you are going to be using that peripheral which means that your purchase decision should be based on your needs.

Maybe the top-rated mouse does not suit you well because you hold the mouse using a palm grip as opposed to a fingertip grip that is intended for the peripheral in question. In other words, you might not have known that grip style and ergonomics are both important in your purchase decision too.

Know some important terms so that you will know exactly what you need to look for when searching for a gaming peripheral.

Upgrade Your Components

Let’s say that your machine is a bit dated, say, 4 years old. Although your PC might still be working okay, it might not have enough power to let you play new and upcoming titles.

In that case, you may need to upgrade your components. Two of the most important things that you should upgrade first are your GPU and CPU- with the former being the top priority.

The GPU is responsible for the graphical output which means that it is also the one responsible for how smooth the game will be displayed on the screen.

The CPU could also potentially help improve frame rates, though that will depend on the title. Usually, open-world games like The Witcher 3 make use of more CPU cores than a MOBA game like Dota 2.

Other notable upgrades include an SSD for better loading times and RAM so that your system will have enough memory to run even the most demanding games.

Read Some Reviews

Whether you are playing a new game, getting some gaming peripherals, or upgrading your components, it is vital that you read up on reviews first before you spend money. The reason is so that you get the most bang for your buck.

You can usually get this information from gaming review websites, as well as customer reviews that you can find online as well.


Beef up your gaming is quite easy, especially if you are equipped with the right knowledge. Never be too thrifty when it comes to purchasing components and peripherals, always read reviews, and stay informed about the latest in the gaming industry.


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