Step by step guide on how to play online slots

Step by step guide on how to play online slots

Humans just love to gamble, don’t they? It has been a constant part of our society since way back into antiquity, with gambling historians suggesting that even our furthest ancestors used to partake in rudimentary gambling games. For a while this was mere speculation, however recent fossil discoveries have confirmed that this was very much the case. There is evidence to suggest that simple forms of gambling were even going on in the ice age, however the way we gamble has changed massively since then. The emergence of casinos was the first big thing to revolutionise this, especially during the 1800s where the first super casinos would begin popping up over Central Europe. But the biggest thing to change when it comes to gambling is the emergence of online casino, something spearheaded by how to play online slots. You just cannot get away from them in 2020, and countless people absolutely love spinning their reels on a daily basis – learn more.

The main reasons why online slots are so attractive in contrast due to their land-based counterparts is the fact that people can play UK slots from pretty much anywhere they find themselves, provided they have an adequate Internet connection of course. Another reason why they are so popular is because popular developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming have made such huge strides in designing complex and exhilarating games that have hooked countless gamblers over the last two decades. Whilst this is good news for the more experienced slot gamblers amongst us, it also means that beginners looking to get involved can have it a lot harder when they first start playing online slots. Never fear though, we are on hand to help. Keep reading for a step by step guide on how to play online slots. 

The basics 

First things first, in case you are truly a complete online slot beginner we are going to make sure we walk you through all the basics associated with online slot gambling before we continue. So then, where can you play online slots? Well, there are thousands of places you can engage in a spot of reel spinning in 2020, with a huge amount of different online casino sites to choose from. We would recommend doing a bit of research into the best ones here, because not all of them are quite as legitimate as others. 

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After you have chosen a site on which you are going to gamble on it is time to deposit some cash, because if you do not do so you won’t actually be able to play any of the online slots with real money. As we will elucidate further into this article, making these deposits is also a great chance to make use of some  Online Cricket Betting ID deposit bonus offers, but we’ll get to that later. After you have deposited some cash it is now time to choose an online slot game, and then you are away! When you get to your chosen slot things are fairly simple, you set an amount you want to bet on each pay line (if there is more than one) and then spin those reels and hope for glory. 

Some essential pieces of vocabulary 

Although gambling on online slots is not the hardest thing to pick up at all, you will still need to have an adequate grasp of some essential pieces of vocabulary before you begin reel spinning, otherwise things are going to get very confusing very quickly. Here are a few: 

  •         Pay lines: Pay lines are where your place your bets, and also where the winning combinations will come in. In the modern online slot world you can easily have 20 or so pay lines to keep track of, and these will come in the form of various sequences across the reels.
  •         Wild Symbol: The wild symbol is every online slot gambler’s best friend, seeing as this icon can swap with any thing else in order to make winning combinations.
  •         Scatter Symbol: This little baby will often result in a number of free spins, and sometimes even a ticket to some exciting bonus features.
  •         Sticky Respins: You won’t find sticky respins in every online slot, but they are pretty common across the market these days.
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Remember all slots are not the same 

One thing that beginners often don’t realise is that not all slots are the same, especially in terms of how probable you are to win on them or not. For this reason it is important that you consider what online slot you want to play in detail. RTP is a piece of information that we would highly recommend you get to grips with, as it can really help when making the choice of which online slot game to play. 

RTP stands for Return To Player, and is a percentage that will tell you how much on average you can expect to see back from your stake whilst playing a particular online slot. Aim for anything above 97% and you should stand a pretty good chance of seeing some money back from your stake. 

Make sure you are making use of bonus features 

We really cannot stress this one enough: you simply have to make sure that you are using bonus features to the most of their capacity, because it is here that you can win the most money. Many experienced online slot gamblers actually play the games in free mode first, and by this way they are sure to know the ins and outs of any particular bonus features before they actually start spending any money on them.

Scope around for some great online casino deposit offers 

You may remember that we mentioned something about online casino deposit offers earlier in this article, and these are definitely something a beginner will want to know about. On many sites they offer a number of free spins and even some cash back in exchange for depositing cash with them. You will want to make use of this!