Letterkenny Renewed For Season 8 Or Cancelled: Fans Are Getting Anxious For This?

Is Letterkenny Renewed For Season 8

Letterkenny is a TV sitcom series that is showing a small community located in Canada. This comedy series is created by Jared Keeso. And this show is going deep with season 7. Tierney will direct the series.

Whereas, the major cast that continues the series include:

  • Jared Keeso
  • Nathan Dales
  • Michelle MylettK
  • Trevor Wilson
  • Dylan Playfair
  • Andrew Herr
  • Tyler Johnston
  • Alexander de Jordy
  • Daniel Petronijevic
  • Melanie Scrofano
  • Jacob Tierney
  • Lisa Codrington
  • Timo Horn
  • Evan Stern
  • Mark Forward
  • Sarah Gadon.

Moreover, there is no final announcement regarding Letterkenny Season 8 by the Hulu. But the next season will expect in 2020.

Wayne is the epic hero you all want and deserve. And his band of misfit friends and hangers-on give the show a depth that one doesn’t usually see in television shows anymore.

The writing is excellent, too. So many shows today rely on crude physical humor and canned laughter but that is not the case with ‘Letterkenny.’

Though the show does have its own share of crude physical humor. The dialogue between characters and the character development that you can see from episode to episode is expertly crafted for the maximum enjoyment on both sides of the screen.

You can tell that these people really enjoy each other and that chemistry comes out on camera.

It is amazing how similar growing up in a small town is, even in different countries. You can instantly relate to Letterkenny because it grew up in the exact same small town in South Texas.

This is one of those rare shows where the chemistry just works. They keep it going for a long time, and that nobody gets the bright idea to mess with it. It’s perfect.


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