Fortnite Brings Back Fortnitemares For Halloween 2019!

Fortnite’s Halloween

As all of you may know that each Halloween brings some distinct events and programs to add more thrill to Eve. Therefore, this time in 2019, Halloween festival brings Fortnitemares 2. This game will amaze all the participants and the viewers in a great way.

Fortnitemares is such gameplay that is launched with the title as “Save the World”. It contains timely missions, limited weapons, and performers to expand more joy at Eve.

In the last year 2018, it was rumored that this event may be shut down and never come back again. But on the occasion of Halloween 2019, it is coming back again with the next sequel. And this sequel will bring more spice that will chill the Eve at night.

And this upcoming Fortnitemares chapter 2 will be available for Xbox One, PS4, mobile devices, and Nintendo Switch. Besides all, it includes several new skins, updating new tasks, and new missions. Moreover, the new Halloween theme will have a more cozy display that is best according to the festival.

However, King Storm is the main power of Fortnitemares and all the fighters have to fight with him. Last year, it has some fault for this mode and due to which it has left behind in Epic game. Now this time all is wet well and there is no more problem in this mode.

The following two modes are also included in the game in 2019 which will surprise the players more.

  • Gun Fight
  • Mansion of Power

This game will start on November 4th, 2019. Hope you will enjoy it.


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