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Samsung Bluetooth Headset

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Samsung Bluetooth headset was created to take care of the clumsy issue of where to put playback control catches.

The Samsung Level U Headphones join the not really swarmed Samsung Galaxy S10e Review. Yet regularly developing the field, and at $69.99. They evaluate aggressively.

The headphones don’t baffle on the sound front for a sub-$100 pair. They convey clean sound with significant bass and splendid highs.

Genuine bass beasts should investigate other accessory style alternatives. Similar to the SOL Republic Shadow.

Yet, for those looking for a reasonable sound, the Level U Headphones are a strong contender for your cash.


Samsung Bluetooth headset is accessible in white or dark sapphire (a blue-dark combo). The accessory style Level U looks as they’re intended for work out.

However, they’re not showcasing that way. At the point when the band is around your neck. The two earpieces rise to your ears from level, linguini-like links.

The band guarantees a protecting fit with insignificant pull. And no link pound.

The measure of slack on the links can be balanced by sliding a little elastic band-style circle in reverse or forward along with the band. At the point when not being used, the earpieces snap together attractively.

Which is decent, yet the necklace doesn’t overlay down or contract for simpler stowing.

The Band

Samsung Bluetooth headset band itself has adaptable, rubber treated bits and sits freely. Yet safely, at the base of the neck, directly over the collarbone.

Controls for the Level U are situating on the right side of the band. Samsung’s site would have you accept that the Level U is “good” with just specific Samsung telephone models.

However, the headphones will combine and work with any Bluetooth gadget even an iPhone. The volume controls will cooperate with the ace volume on Samsung gadgets and freely of the amount on different telephones.

The two-volume controls can likewise be utilizing for track route this took a shot at an iPhone fine.

And dandy and the principle catch of the Samsung Bluetooth headset can be used for Play/Pause and call the executives.

The Power/Pairing switch and the secured USB association are both situated in the center area of the jewelry.

The Eartips

The ear tips of Samsung Bluetooth headset that ship with the Level U are a more etched shape than usual ear tips.

Samsung alludes to them as ear gels, and like some Bose ear tips. The way has somewhat of a pipe that settles in at the ear channel’s opening.

There are three standard ear gels (little, medium, huge) and a fourth pair that likewise. Includes a balancing outbalance that leans against the ear.

The gels of the Samsung Bluetooth headset, dissimilar to numerous ear tips, permit a lot of encompassing sound in.

So when you have them on, and you’re not playing music, you’ll hear your surroundings as though you weren’t wearing them.


Samsung Bluetooth headset On follows ground-breaking sub-bass substance. As knife the’s “Quiet Shout,” the Level U conveys an unusual.

The deafening bass reaction that never twists, even at the top, rash listening levels. At increasingly moderate levels, despite everything.

We get a tangible feeling of the profound bass pound of this track, offset by brilliant, etched highs.


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