How to Play in Live Casino on Internet


Over the past few years, online casinos have grown in popularity, with a plethora of online sites. The providers are always preparing some new ways how would attract new players. The latest and greatest news that online casino players can currently see is the so-called Live Casino.

Basic information

In general, casinos can now be in two forms: land-based casinos and online casinos. Which is better and more profitable? This cannot be answered unequivocally. Each has its pros and cons. The main advantages of the land-based casinos are personal contact, physical presence in the game and the attractiveness of the casino itself and games as such. In contrast, online casinos, like Trada Casino, bring a wealth of games, various bonuses, rewards, bonuses as well as anonymity and comfort.

Not long ago, both types of casino got together and created a unique Live Casino. The live casino you find today in many online casinos is becoming increasingly popular and as it brings many benefits. Thanks to the streaming technology, you can play actually with real live croupiers on the Internet.

How to play at the Live Casino?

The principle of Live casino is quite simple; all you need is desktop PC, laptop, iPhone, tablet or another similar device that has an Internet connection.

As the first step, the player connects through his computer to the chosen Live Casino. If you do not have a player account, you must first create one. Registering to a selected casino is quick and easy. Within a few minutes of signing up, a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail, and then you can start playing at the Live Casino.

At the gaming table is a webcam that captures the progress of the game. The table is operated by a dealer who guides the player through the game. You can also interact with croupiers.

The game in the Live Casino is the same as in any land-based casino, with the difference that the player can sit at home. The dealer spins the roulette or deal cards and starts the game.

What games can be played in the Live Casino

Most Live Casinos offer several online games, choose. The most common is live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat and much more

Live Roulette

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Who would not know roulette – one of the most popular live games you can find in a casino. If a player wants to play live roulette, log into one of the live casinos and start playing. The game itself is simple; the player chooses the amount he wants to bet and sits at the table.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a well-known and top-rated game in all casinos, which you can find in every online casino. The rules are the same as in the classic casino. The player plays against the House and aims to score a total of 21 points or get as close as possible to number 21.

Live Baccarat

Another well-known casino game that can also be played in the Live Casino is Baccarat. Here, too, the same rules apply as for classic baccarat, where a player bets on the sum as closest to number 9. It is also a card game which famous James Bond agent 007 played.

Live Casino Hold’em

All players who like poker can play live Casino Hold’em can do this in the Live Casino. This is a faster variant of classic Texas Hold’em with 52 cards, where the player is playing against the dealer and trying to make a better poker combination of 5 cards.


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