5 Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Online Gaming

5 Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Online Gaming
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Did you know that you can now earn a serious amount of money by playing online games? Yes, playing online games can provide you with a fun and entertaining way of earning extra money. If you love to Online Cricket Betting ID and have already experienced winning some online games,   Here at https://casino-utan-svensk-licens.info/, we are going to talk about the legitimate of earning money from online gaming. 

1. Play Apex Legends

Even though it was only launched in early 2019, Apex Legends quickly became one of the most popular online games. The same as Fortnite, Apex Legends is also a battle royale game wherein you can form squads from other online players and battle it out in 60-player matches. If you liked to play Fortnite, then you’ll fit right in with Apex Legends, especially now that you can get paid some serious money just by playing the game.

The most popular and common way of earning money by playing Apex Legends is through live-streaming. Streamers can earn money directly from their channel from donations, advertisements, and paid subscriptions. There are already a lot of Apex Legends streamers out there that are already earning 6-digit numbers every month.

Playing in Apex Legends tournaments is also another good way of earning money online. If you’re a very skilled player, playing Apex Legends for real cash prizes can be a big possibility for you. There are numerous Apex Legends tournaments for skilled players to enter and gain a chance to bring home thousands of dollars in cash prizes.  

2. Swagbucks

What started as a simple online rewards program, Swagbucks has transformed itself into one of the best money-making sites on the internet today.

You can earn money from Swagbucks for the things that you commonly do online such as searching the web, watching videos, and answering surveys. But the best way to earn some serious money from this website is to play some online games. The games you’re going to play here are quite easy. 

By playing games such as word and arcade games on the website, you’ll be rewarded with credits which are otherwise known as “Swagbucks”. You can then convert your earned “Swagbucks” into gift cards, coupon cards, or cash which can be transferred to your PayPal account. 

3. Exodus3000

Exodus3000 is a multiplayer online role-playing game that owes its popularity largely because of its feature that allows you to earn online credits and convert them to real cash.

The game is set in a futuristic setting where the Earth is no longer able to sustain itself as a result of a catastrophic event. As a result, you’re tasked to find and gather minerals and “Mars Dollars” (the in-game currency). 

There are three different ways to collect Mars Dollars. You can search ruins, mine volcanoes, or attack other players. Once you reach a sufficient number of Mars Dollars, you can then convert it into real cash. 

4. Paid Game Player

Paid Game Player provides an opportunity for avid online players to earn some cash while playing their most favorite games online. The best thing about this gaming website is that you get to play all of its 600 games for free. However, you need to be at least 18 years old to play on the site and earn money. Some of the games you can play from the site include puzzle games, word games, arcade games, online casino games, etc. 

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Although you can always play on the site for free and earn money, you can also choose to upgrade your account so you can earn some serious money. Paid Game Player offers more than $250,00 in cash and provides other lucrative prizes to winners every day. 

Aside from playing games, you can also earn money by answering surveys, reviewing products, and trying sponsored products on the site. 

5. Become A Game Tester

One of the more popular ways of making money by playing online games is to become a game tester. There are many platforms that are looking for a game tester. As a game tester, you’ll have to play and test the game then give your opinion about the game after playing it. 

You need to keep in mind though that becoming a game tester is different from your average gaming session at home. You’ll have to test every aspect of the game and try to find every glitch and bug you might encounter while playing the game. Your opinion will then be taken into consideration by game developers so they can improve and optimize the game. 


There’s nothing more you could probably ask for from playing online games while earning money from it. It’s a win-win situation as you get to enjoy and have fun while making money. Try out the above-mentioned games if you’re serious about earning money from online gaming



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