League of Legends: The Game is Giving You Legendary Skin


One of the most played game League of Legends players is blessed with many rewards. Yes, on the 10th-year anniversary Many rewards are given to players.

The second reward will be available on Saturday, and you can get this. It would be free legendary skin that could get with the least effort.

The rewards schedule was shared at the start of the show’s celebration. In an official league tweeter account, it was declared that the reward was now up for grabs.

Rise of the Elements is the new mission that will honor the Teamfight Tactics changes that would be renewed on the elemental dragons for the preseason.

The price of Legendary skin is $14. There are varieties of skin legendary in which new high Noon Ashe, Dark Cosmic Jhin, God Fist Lee Sin, Battlecast prime Cho’Gath and many more are included.

However, we can’t say that you will get according to your choice because it depends on availability.

But no need to worry. It will full of Legendary skin. The fifth reward in the anniversary schedule was 3000 Orange Essence.

All the rewards unlock each day, and the mission would be live for three weeks.

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