10 Reasons to Not losing Weight by Using Keto Diet

lose weight with keto diet

The ketogenic diet is the restricted diet of carbohydrates intake. Our body uses carbohydrates for energy, but when carbs do not fully fill the body requirement, then the body goes to in ketosis state.

In ketosis, a boy burns fat very efficiently and using fat for energy instead of glucose.

Therefore, the keto diet has become one of the famous diets for weight loss. But some people complain that they did not get the best result with the keto diet because the body did not go into ketosis.

Many other reasons can also occur due to which weight does not lose with the ketogenic diet. So here I am describing some reasons that you should note down while using a keto diet.

1. The body does not go on ketosis

One of the major reasons to not lose weight with the keto diet is that the body has not achieved ketosis. Why does the body not achieve ketosis? Because we are not cutting back enough on carbs.

According to the latest research of 2019, in a ketogenic diet, the person should only use 5-10% calories from carbohydrates.

Almost 20 to 50 grams of carbs each day are cut down from the diet for achieving the ketosis. Therefore sometimes still we are taking enough carbs that produce energy from glucose, and it prevents the body from burning fat.

To solve the issue, keto home testing strips are available in the market. With this, you can check the presence of ketones in the urine, and the positive result shows that the body is in ketosis.

Besides, another way is to use a small machine called a ketone breath analyzer that detects the ketones in the breath. Hone testing is the best way to achieve weight loss results with the keto diet.

2. High Protein Intake

Some people think that low carbs mean a high protein diet in keto but not at all. I ketogenic diet, the person gets most of the calories from the fat that should be 55-60% of their calorie intake.

After fat, 35 % of protein is included, and the remaining 5-10% carbs included.

However, sometimes, due to the high protein intake body does not able to get the ketosis state. Therefore the person thinks that the keto diet is a waste of time and money.

3. Eating some Acceptable Carbohydrates

In the ketogenic diet, carbohydrates from some foods are considered acceptable in which nuts and dairy are included that are high in fat.

These are nutrient-dense foods and play an important part in the ketogenic diet. But eating these foods, some times keep you away from achieving a weight loss goal.

4. Intake Maltitol

Sugar alcohol is the best part of the ketogenic diet because it increased the fat without net carbs in the body. But All sugar is not keto-friendly like some people use maltitol that is sugar alcohol but not keto-friendly.

It has a low glycemic index and affects blood sugar levels. So it also prevents the person from entering into a ketosis state.

5. Not Counting Calories

The person on a keto diet does not count calories; therefore, some high time calories lead to weight gain even in a ketosis state.

Some high-fat foods are providing high carbs and protein; thus, the person gets more weight in ketosis. Therefore you should be careful about calories in a keto diet. A balanced keto meal plan helps to get the ideal weight.

6. Snacking on regular Base

Snacking regularly also creates hurdles to get the ketosis. Continual snacking increases calorie intake. Snack is considered a hunger pangs but sometimes easily sabotage our weight loss efforts.

7. Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is a high carbs drink in which wine and beer included. These types of alcohol do not allow in the keto diet. However, some low carbs alcohol such as vodka and gin are acceptable in the keto diet. But sometimes these options in keto also prevent weight loss.

8. Lack of Exercise

Exercise is an important part of a healthy life that stimulates our metabolism and burns calories.
It is the best thing for weight loss.

In the ketogenic diet, exercise plays a vital role in high-fat Foods gives many calories. So you can get the desired result through exercise and keto diet.

9. High Stress

A high-stress lifestyle prevents from losing weight on the keto diet. According to 2012 research, stress causes hormonal changes that lead to weight gain r difficulty losing weight.

Therefore, You should be careful about that and must take those calories that also prevent stress.

10. Underlying Medical Conditions

Sometimes, we are following the right track but unable to get the desired result. The reason behind it could be some underlying medical condition that is constantly causing weight gain and prevents weight loss.

These medical conditions that contribute to weight gain are depression, hypothyroidism, high insulin level, Cushing syndrome, and Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Therefore, you should first treat these medical conditions so that keto will help to reduce weight.


Weight loss is quiet for everyone. Nowadays, the ketogenic diet has become a trend, and people are trying to get results by maintaining ketosis. It is a strict diet and requires a proper diet plan for the best results.

Sometimes, we could not be able to get ketosis, and there could be many reasons such as overeating protein, not doing exercise, high stress, intaking sugar alcohol sweeteners, medical condition, etc.

So must take care of that, and you should be reviewed regularly in keto diet so that you will able to get the desired weight loss.



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