Titans Season 2: Episode 2 Title “Rose” : Written Update, Review

Titans Season 2: Episode 2

Titans Season 2 Episode 2 Titled “Rose” aired on September 18, 2019, on DC Universe. Episode two introduces Rose Wilson, the daughter of Deathstroke, and also follows the escape of Dr. Arthr Light from prison and attacking Titans.

At first, we witness Dick visits Bruce Wayne to tell him the reason why he left him and quit being Robin and also ask permission to set up another Titans Team. Dick, Jason, Rachel, and Gar moves to their new home, the Titans Tower.

On the other hand, Dr. Arthur Light flees from prison. Dr. Arthr attacked Dawn and Hank meanwhile Hank was upset over Dawn as she continues acting as Dove to help people. Deathstroke also heads on to suit-up once again and take on revenge from Titans.

Meanwhile, a new girl, basically, a metahuman enters the town and Dick brings him to the Titans Tower with an intention to help her as he believes that she’s special. There, under Dick’s assistance Gar, Rachel, and Jason are getting trained. Gar and Jason get a bit confused to welcome another member to the family. Contrary to Dick’s will, the girl doesn’t want to stay there and ask him to let her go.

Dawn and Hank after getting attacked moves ahead to Titans Tower. Meanwhile, Kory and Donna fought with Shimmer and get her arrested. After that one of Kory’s planet fellow, Faddei makes her unconscious and captivates her. Donna looks for Kory and gets a call from Dawn that they have got a problem.

On the other hand, Dick takes the girl to let her go but there they get attacked. Meanwhile, Jason and Gar find out that that girl is none other than Rose Wilson, Deathstroke’s daughter.


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