Dystopia in Video Games

better dystopian mastermind that George Orwell

A Utopian society is the perfect kind of society that one can dream of. A dystopian society or a dystopian future is the exact opposite. Although different people perceive and portray Dystopias differently, they all share the same concept of an unpleasant, terrible place. Dystopias are quite a common theme in literature, with various authors trying to create a place that will truly make readers feel uncomfortable in that place. 

However, there is no better dystopian mastermind that George Orwell, author of a long list of famous dystopian novels. George Orwell has a special talent for making dystopias feel as real and relatable as possible. Often exposing various base, human sentiments, and tendencies in the process as well.

Literature is not the only way to experience a dystopia picked straight from your nightmares. Another excellent way to experience a Dystopia is through dystopian video games that are set in various, unpleasant, dystopian settings.

Dystopian Worlds In Literature

There are numerous authors capable of creating Dystopian futures straight out of your worst nightmare. You see, there are no parameters guiding what a dystopia should look like. It is up to each author to create their own, mind-bending reality and convince readers of its plausibility. 

You will find many examples of Dystopian worlds in literature. These can follow a post-apocalyptic world or a place that seems relatively normal on the outside but is filled with other minor unpleasant details that make it an actual nightmare to imagine. Authors often have a reason for creating such dystopian futures. 

Some dystopias serve as warnings for climate change, rising tensions, biological warfare, and other occurrences. While some authors use them to portray complex human emotions and how they could affect society collectively.

One such author who portrays dystopias in a unique and thought-provoking manner every time is George Orwell. Whether it is to expose how fickle human nature may be in his novels such as 1984 or to poke fun in the unique way that sincerity often vanishes when power is involved, such as in the famous novel Animal Farm. These two novels are usually studied extensively at schools for the various themes they present. 

Although these dystopian futures may never occur, George Orwell makes them feel so realistic, plausible, and relatable, that readers are forced to reflect upon their own selves after reading these novels, which is why these literary pieces are often analyzed so thoroughly un literature class. 

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George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Dystopian Video Games

If reading books is not exactly your cup of tea, but you still want to experience a dystopian world in all its glory, the next best way to fully immerse yourself in such a world is through video games. Video games have been around for a while now and have quickly become a favorite past time for numerous people. However, where a few people prefer to play simple games such as FIFA or racing, others prefer to experience whole new worlds through video games. 

There are numerous video games currently in the market which help players to truly immerse themselves in a dystopian universe. Examples of some of the more famous dystopian video games include the Fallout series, Deus Ex, and The Last of Us. It should be noted that all of these video games contain some level of violence and is not appropriate for children. 

The Fallout series is based on a 22nd-century post-apocalyptic world but is actually inspired from the post-world war two nuclear paranoia. Players will also find a few references for the movie series Mad Max and have quite a few references for Wasteland from the series. The Fallout series is a popular video game with numerous teenagers. It helps players truly immerse themselves in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future.

post-world war two nuclear paranoia

Deus Ex is another video game that is based on a dystopian future. It is based on events following a day in the future where the Aug incident occurred. A day where numerous innocents mechanically augmented humans lost their lives. Players can feel and understand a power struggle between mechanically augmented humans and others. The storyline is also quite intriguing and thought-provoking. 

Finally, one of the most famous dystopian video games, The Last One of Us, is a brilliant graphical masterpiece. Based on a post-apocalyptic future USA, the game follows smuggler Joel who has been given the task to escort a teenage girl, Ellie, across the country. The Last One of Us does well to portray how terrifying such a dystopian world could be, with players having to fight cannibalistic, infected humans and hostile people. 

Dystopian video games are an excellent way to experience what a dystopian future could look like. And Fallout, Deus Ex, and The Last One of Us are all brilliant video games to do so. 


Dystopian video games and dystopian literature are both incredibly thought-provoking. They force us to think of the extremes of our actions and truly reflect on society, human values, and human nature. Where George Orwell is excellent in making readers imagine his idea of a dystopian future, videogames such as Fallout, Deus Ex, and The Last One of Us help players visualize it. 


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