7 Lovely Things to Know about Thailand

7 Lovely Things to Know about Thailand

Thailand is known as a popular holiday destination and often associated with paradise islands and sandy beaches. However, Thailand is more than that. It is a unique, beautiful country that is appreciated for its culture, history, nice people, and delicious food. If you still believe that apart from beaches and resorts, there is nothing else to experience in Thailand, here is the list of 7 lovely things  about Thailand you should know.

Thai Food

Food in Thailand reflects the culture of the country: generous, unique, inviting, and warm. Thai food is a great combination of herbs, spices, flavors, and fragrances, making your mouth dance when you taste it. The unique spectrum of textures and flavors makes every dish unique and authentic. A typical Thai meal usually combines four different seasonings: sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Depending on the region you are visiting, you will have a chance to taste various specialties and a national delicacy. Eating at local restaurants or trying food at Thai food markets will easily become a favorite part of a Thailand cruise

Hot weather

Tropical Thailand is blessed with warm “never jacket” weather throughout the year. There are three seasons in Thailand, and each of them is comfortable and perfect for a summer vacation. The first season lasts from November to February and is characterized as warm and dry. The second season from March to May is really hot and humid. The period from June to October is known as the most unsettled with a cloudy sky and some rainy days. However, most of the time, the weather in Thailand is warm and sunny.

A variety of fruits

People from more moderate climates will be impressed by an incredible variety of fruits. Longans, mangosteen, pomelo, rambutan, custard apple, durian, and others – most of them you will not be able to try anywhere else. 

Friendly people 

Thai people are known for their friendliness, hospitality, and kindness. They are always happy, extremely polite, smiling, and are very helpful. If you are in trouble, they will be glad to help you and translate if you do not speak Thai. They treat foreigners well, and if you come back to a store or restaurant, an owner will always greet you with a big smile and warm hug. The motto of Thai people is “Once a friend, always a friend”. Such a friendly and polite attitude makes you feel absolutely safe in Thailand and gives you the feeling of home. 


Thailand is a very convenient country, especially for a tourist. It is 2 AM and you are hungry? No problem at all. You will easily find a place to get some fresh food. Do you need to do shopping in the middle of the night? There are stores open. Looking for a pharmacy at 1 AM? You will definitely find one. Thailand could very well be called the country that never sleeps. 


There is always an opportunity to celebrate and have fun in Thailand. The festivals of different sizes are held in Thailand throughout the year by honoring all sorts of things. One of the biggest and the most famous festivals is Songkran held every April. However, if you miss it, don’t be disappointed – there are other festivals almost every week. 


Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit and live in. In most places, you will spend only a couple of dollars on lunch or dinner. If you decide to stay in Thailand overnight, accommodation is also very affordable. For example, a private bungalow on a beach will cost you no more than $20. 

Whether you are an experienced traveler or a complete newbie, Thailand has a lot to keep you entertained. After spending a day in this exotic warm country, meeting its great people, and trying delicious food, you will realize that Thailand is more than just another tourist destination with sandy beaches and tropical islands. 


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