Windows 10 Now on More Than 900 Million Devices, on Track


Microsoft recently announced the fact that over 900 million devices are currently running on Windows 10 and that it is hopeful of hitting the one billion mark by 2020. Most of us are aware that Windows 10 was launched a while back, and several users were invited to beta test it. After the beta test was over, it was slowly launched and was soon available worldwide. To put it in perspective, Microsoft first introduced Windows 10 around 2015, and since then there have been more devices running on the same. It should be pointed out that Windows 10 did have its initial hiccups, but since then, it has been going on strong.

What is interesting is the fact that four years since its release, more than half the estimated number of computers are using Windows 10. Microsoft remained buoyant about the recent data and suggested that they would hit the one billion mark by early next year. That’s fine, but one hope that the new milestone will lead to fewer issues over the duration. The Windows 10 operating system had a market share of 48.86%, and it has managed to gain a 2.13% to increase the overall percentage to 50.99% of the market.  Essentially, it means that more than half the systems in the world are currently running on Windows 10.

But that being said, the growth trajectory of late has gone down since the free upgrade option was removed in mid-2016; but it is expected that Microsoft may make another free upgrade offer once they hit a billion milestones. It needs to be pointed out that Microsoft windows had more than a few issues and some of them are not resolved entirely. One hopes that Microsoft resolves the outstanding issues by the next update.


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