Why Should You Own a Bean Bag Bed?

    Bean Bag Bed

    Now more than ever ways to maximise our space.  Whether our goal is to create a cosy living space in a smaller area or provide a space perfect for entertaining guests while remaining usable for our families, almost all of us want to make sure we are using our spaces as efficiently as possible.  At the same time, we want to ensure our families and guests are always comfortable.  A real problem of space, comfort, and usability can arise when we try to dedicate a space for our guests while ensuring the space we specialise is also usable for our families.  The solution is owning a bean bag bed, the new convertible furniture piece that will make you wonder how you ever lived without.

    A bean bag bed is essentially a bean bag chair that is filled not with polystyrene pellets, but with an actual mattress.  A bean bag bed filled with a Polyfoam stuffed mattress not only creates a chair from which you will never want to get up but also provides an ingenious way to store additional bedding.  Here are just add a convertible bean bag bed to your space.


    • Reclaim the Guest Room: Having a room devoted to the occasional company is excellent, but being able to use that space for something other than a guest room for the remainder of the year when you don’t have company is even better.  Instead of filling the guest room with a standard bed or Firmest mattress that takes up space and eliminates any further usefulness the place has to offer, why not opt for a bean bag bed?  A bean bag bed lets you reclaim the guest room and use it for something that will serve not only guests but your family as well.  Whether used for a playroom, media room, library, or the like, your family will love this found space.  And when guests arrive, simply fold out the bean bag mattress for a luxurious night of sleep, your guests will appreciate.


    • Maximise Your Studio: Whether that studio apartment is your home or rental property in which you’ve invested, making the most out of this small space means everything.  When your living space is also your bedroom, things can look messy and cluttered.  Not so with a bean bag bed.  By day, your bean bag chair provides the comfortable seating you need to study, watch television, or catch up on a good book.  By night, the fold-out bean bag mattress provides you with a solid night of blissful sleep.  In the morning, simply stuff the cushion back into the outer shell of the bean bag and you’ve found your couch or chair once again.


    • Sleepovers Redefined: Hosting a sleepover for your child is primarily a parental rite of passage.  But you needn’t worry any longer about where to stow all the kiddos when it’s finally time for lights out.  With a bean bag bed, there’s no need for using every additional blanket in the house to create a stiff and uncomfortable pallet on the floor.  Additionally, your kids won’t have to share their beds with two of their besties.  A bean bag mattress is the perfect sleepover companion.  And with a youth-sized bean bag mattress, your child can bring their self comfortable bedding with them to a friend’s house!

    The reasons for owning a bean bag bed are limitless so we’ve covered just a few.  Having a piece of convertible furniture like a bean bag chair that conceals a bed makes it easy to reclaim lost space you never knew was lost.  With the ability to seat guests or family members in complete comfort, a bean bag chair is a crave-worthy addition to any room.  The mattress hidden inside is the ultimate way to host overnight guests in support without sacrificing space when they are gone.


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