Performance shirts: the complete guide

    Performance shirts

    I’ve been playing paddle tennis for ages, and recently on my trip to the courts I came across something really interesting for those who like to still look professional while engaging in their preferred sports. I’m talking about performance shirts. My tennis partner showed up one morning in a sleek and very cool looking shirt, and I just had to ask what exactly was going on with this interesting clothing. I got the low-down on these new and exciting sartorial choices and I want to pass this great knowledge on to you, the reader. If you have an important golf outing with colleagues, or any kind of physically involved activity where you want to look both physically engaged and professionally engaging, read on in my article titled performance shirts: the complete guide.

    So, what are performance shirts, and what do they do? The main purpose of performance shirts is to keep you dry. They do this by moving moisture away from your body as you sweat. For instance, a regular cotton or shirt made of any other material absorbs sweat and weighs you down as you move, while performance shirts are light in weight and are woven to allow sweat to move through the fabric and evaporate, keeping you dry. This is a technical process called wicking. The sweat will literally wick away from your body,  and move through the performance fabric and then evaporates leaving you dry, and not bogged down by a water-heavy cotton fabric. It really is quite amazing, and I was so absorbed by my paddle tennis friends shirt, I immediately went out and got a few of my own, and I must say, have never been happier with any new shirts, they really work!

    What makes a performance shirt work so well and what exactly is it made of? More often polyester is used to make the performance fabrics. From cotton, these are on the other end of the spectrum and since the inception of the material they have come a long way and has a few amazing attributes that really set them apart from different other materials.

    This is a highly breathable fabric, and that alone would be good enough to make it a great physical activity shirt, but having the moisture wick away and evaporate really made the choice to switch to this shirt style easy. As if that was not enough, these shirts have a nice stretch to them as well, perfect for reaching for a ball halfway across the court, and looking good doing it. These shirts are actually very comfortable and can fit you better than the standard t-shirts. So you do not need to just put them on for playing athletics. You can wear these shirts anytime you want.

    The garments made from polyester including the performance garments are wrinkle resistant naturally. And when you launder them they will not shrink. Polyester garments are also very resilient. You can stretch and pull them easily while still retaining the original shape of them. It is the reason why the performance garments are a preferred garment option for athletic wear, jerseys and other garments that are frequently washed. The polyester garments are not dyed but instead they are made from diverse color coated fibers of polyester which aren’t susceptible to fading.

    These days whether its golf, paddle tennis, or just strolling along the beach, you will always find me wearing a performance shirt. And with so many of my work meetings dovetailed into some form of exercise, and I imagine this is the same for many modern workers, it just makes sense to have some of these amazing shirts in your closet. My preferred style is the performance dress shirt, as I like to be ready for either business, or exercise or a bit of both. I fully encourage the reader to do the same as me, go out and try some performance shirts today!


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