Girly Sketch: Top 7 tips to make a sketch of a beautiful girl. A Complete Guide for Beginners!

    Girly Sketch
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    Are you a fan of Anime? If yes, then you must have noticed in Anime how beautiful those girly sketches are! How about you create your own girly sketch? Today, we present to you this special guide for art enthusiasts and beginners. In this reading, you will find the top 7 tips to create a sketch of a girl, whether , cartoon or realistic. Let’s get started: 


    To begin with, a Girly Sketch is a type of drawing that does not come easy. From a cute face cut to eye details hair details, you have to focus on every part of the body separately. But, don’t worry! With each tip in this reading, you will move one step ahead to your final girly sketch. 

    Image credit: Pinterest

    Before we go ahead, please collect the following stationary objects that are essential to creating art (any art):

    • Cold Water Color Sheets (These sheets are thick and allow you to easily balance out your girly sketch without leaving a pen imprint on the backside).
    • Charcoal powder pencil (It will deliver a nice shadowing appearance to the picture. Hence, making it look realistic; if you are not planning to color the picture later).
    • Eraser (sharp one, so you can easily rub off tiny spaces on the paper). 
    • Coloring kit (if you are practicing, a coloring kit will help you color the picture as you like). 

    Have you collected all the required objects already? If yes, then let’s move ahead. 

    Top 7 tips for drawing a Girly Sketch without any frame

    For the most part, when a sketcher sits down to draw, the surrounding needs to be silent or filled with calming sounds or music. Choose a convenient place in the house where there are fewer chances of disturbance. Since drawing is a soothing activity for mind and body, please make certain that your surroundings are de-cluttered so that you can focus on sketching and sketching alone!

    Girly Sketch
    Image credit: Pinterest

    Let’s move ahead to the tips: 

    #1: How to make a girl’s face drawing? 

    More often than not, Skechers directly move ahead to drawing an oval shape in order to draw a girl’s face. However, drawing and sketching come with a few rules if you want to make a perfect. Thus, before you finally develop the shape of a girl’s face on the paper. Try the following tip: 

    Take a measuring scale. Now, draw two lines crossing each other at 90 degrees angles – one line horizontally and the other line vertically. Please use the lightweight on the pencil because these lines are to be erased later. 

    Image credit: Pinterest

    Once the lines are done, take a darker pencil but use a light hand to draw an oval shape to cover the open parts of the line. In this way, the right side of the face will be equivalent to the left side of the face. Hence, it will provide your girly sketch’s face with a realistic outlook. 

    Please do not erase the lines yet because it will further help in drawing facial features in an aligned manner. 

    #2: Girly Sketch – How to draw her neck? 

    Is the shape of the face of your girly sketch ready? Good! If you think the face’s shape is perfect, use the charcoal pencil to darken its outline. Do not smudge just yet. 

    Image credit: Pinterest

    Now, move ahead to draw the neck of the girl in the sketch. Take a pencil and use a light hand to draw a curve starting from the ears-end to the shoulders. If you haven’t drawn organs like ears and shoulders, use your imagination. 

    Another weighty factor to note here is that you should take care of the shape and size of the neck. For example, if the face cut is long and slim, the neck will be the average length and slim as well. On the other hand, if you think that the face cut is wide and fatty, the neck will be short and fatty as well. Again, use your imagination!

    Leave the curve where shoulders are to begin! Now, observe your drawing from different angles to see if both sides of the neck are aligned perfectly. Once you have checked and corrected, take a charcoal pencil to darken the outline of the neck. Also, use some shadowing effects to draw collarbones. 

    #3: Move on to the shoulders

    The curve where the neck has ended, please continue to draw shoulders from there. Make sure that shoulders are not too wide. Otherwise, they wouldn’t fit with the facial features, and the drawing may appear freaky in the end. 

    Now, you do not have to go beyond here. Just leave shoulders at 2 inches because, after shoulders, we move on the clothing! Yes! Drawing clothes for the girly sketch. 

    Image credit: Pinterest

    In the event that you think shoulders look too slim, you can give it another go. Erase shoulders and start over! You can also try the following tip to draw the neck and shoulder aligned with the face cut. 

    As we draw two lines in the first tip. Similarly, draw two lines, one below the chin (horizontal line, not too long). And draw the second line vertically, crossing the horizontal line in the middle. Now, the point where vertical and horizontal lines meet is the center of the neck. So, draw neck curves using the same. 

    Move your pencil down to the endpoints of the vertical line to find a sharp curving point for shoulders. In this way, the girly sketch will come out aligned. 

    Once the shoulders are ready, use the charcoal pencil to darken the outline. 

    #4: Draw Girly Sketch hands and upper body

    Before you go ahead, please take a look at the sketch from different angles. Make certain the body is aligned, and nothing appears old or mismeasured. 

    The part where shoulders have ended begins to draw a straight line which will be handed. You can give it a small curve to draw the elbow as well. 

    Now, using the horizontal and vertical line crossing each other technique. Draw or extend previous vertical and horizontal lines which cross each other in the middle. Please note that the crossing point is the belly button. Hence, the vertical line will be a little lower on the horizontal line, logically. 

    Girly Sketch
    Image credit: Pinterest

    To draw the body of the girly sketch, add two dots on both sides (left and right) aligned with each other at a little distance from the shoulder. Make certain that the distance between the dot and the shoulder is not too much. 

    Using the dots, start drawing body curves down to the vertical line. Now, use a sharp eraser’s end to erase the body curve where the breasts are supposed to be. 

    To draw breasts, first, draw to convex curves to give shape to the breasts. Now, use a charcoal pencil to outline the breast curves on both ends as well as in the front. Similarly, use a charcoal pencil to darken the side body line. 

    Hold the picture away from you for about 20 seconds and observe the shape. If any shape appears odd or unaligned, erase and draw again!

    #5: Girly Sketch: how to draw the lower half of the body? 

    In tip#4, you drew a vertical line slightly over the horizontal line to draw the belly button. Now, from the edges of the vertical line, draw a straight line (from where the upper body curve ended). Please do not go too far. Then, give the girly sketch a hip curve on both sides. Make sure it is not too much of a curve. If it helps, use the scale to ensure that the hip curve is aligned with the breast curve in the upper body. 

    Slowing brings the hip curve into a straight (not too straight, do not use a scale for this) to draw thighs. And, then after giving a small curve for the knee, draw a slanting curve to draw the rest of the leg. 

    Image credit: Pinterest

    You can also get creative here and draw legs in different forms. For example, one leg over the other, so that girly sketch has calves showing. Or, you can go for dancing legs. However, if you are a beginner and only practicing, straight legs will help!

    Finally, draw sandals, heels, shoes, boots, sneakers, or other footwear where both legs’ calves have ended. You can also draw girly sketches on bare feet. 

    #6: Draw facial features 

    Once the girly sketch entire body is one, now we move on to the facial features, which is the most challenging part for beginners out there. In this step, we highly recommend that you take your time and use a very light hand to draw as you may have to erase if both sides of the face are not aligned in the context of features. 

    Check out the following sketches for eyes:

    Image credit: Pinterest

    To draw a nose on a girly sketch, you can either simply use a curve. Or, you can draw a tiny nose. For reference, check out the following sketch. 

    Again, check out the following sketches for lips: 

    Image credit: Pinterest

    In this step, there is no strict rule on how to draw facial features! The reason is you have to use your creativity at your best. There are thousands of ideas to go for. For example, you can pick Anime facial features which are widely popular. Or, you can go for the usual facial features in cartoons. 

    On the contrary, if your girly sketch is realistic, the following sketch will help you. Take it into reference. 

    #7: Hairstyle – Girly Sketch ideas!

    This is an open ground for you. You can pick from hundreds of hairstyles for girly sketches on the web. But, if you are a beginner, we suggest that you do something easy like open straight hair or curls. The trick with sketching hair is “details.” You can begin by outlining the hair shape. Then, move on to filling more hair within the drawn outline. 

    More often than not, beginners make the mistake of simply sketching irresistibly inside the drawn-out hair outline. However, we suggest you be patient and draw each hairline with a light hand. Later on, you can darken the hairlines one over another using a charcoal pencil. 

    In order to make hair much more realistic in a girly sketch, don’t forget to draw some loose strands of hair on the outer side of the outline. 

    Check out the following for reference: 

    Girly Sketch
    Image credit: Pinterest
    Girly Sketch
    Image credit: Pinterest


    Are you excited about your first girly sketch? Share your first sketch drawing online in the comment section. For additional art tips and tricks, bookmark or mark us as your favorite. Please note that when it comes to sketching, art has no boundaries. Use your creativity and go beyond! Thank you for learning with us. Good luck!


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