Wedding Dresses in Boston: What Are My Options?

    Wedding Dresses

    Wedding dress shopping in Boston is an amazing experience. There are so many different dresses and shops out there though that it can get a little bit overwhelming. Some brides have known what their wedding dress would look like since they were little girls, while others have no idea what they are looking for. If you fall into the latter category really essential for you to look around and do some research online to try to find some styles that you are interested in. That way, you can give your stylist an idea of what you are looking for when it comes time to go to your bridal appointment. Here are some of the options for wedding dresses in Boston:

    Illusion Neckline

    Illusion neckline dresses have become all the rage lately and this is especially true in Boston. An illusion neckline gives your dress a touch of romance and femininity to a dress. It’s also a great way to be more modest and increase coverage without feeling completely covered up. You can also incorporate the illusion trend in other areas besides the neckline, like sleeves and even the back of a wedding dress. With stunning designs like these, you are bound to find a beautiful dress.


    Ruffles can be a pretty polarizing fashion choice – you either love them or hate them. But Boston definitely loves them! Ruffles are a great way to make a dress seem more formal. A wedding dress with ruffles might be a good option for brides who are looking to balance out an apple body shape or those with a pear body shape who are looking to cover their lower half. While we personally think that any bride can rock the right ruffles, a big ruffled skirt might be overwhelming for a petite bride.

    Empire Waist

    An empire waist gown is a classic and universally flattering style that is perfect for a classic bride. It’s always a good idea to incorporate delicate details into the top half of the dress like lace or beading to really contrast with a plain skirt. Overall, an empire waist gown is a great option for brides of all shapes and sizes who want a classic look with an element of history – perfect for a city like Boston!


    Not all brides are traditional though – and that’s what bridal jumpsuits are for. Bridal jumpsuits have become really popular alternatives to big fancy wedding dresses in recent years. These options are comfortable, functional, and offer clean lines perfect for a modern bride.

    Off the Shoulder

    Off the shoulder, gowns are a great elegant choice in a city like Boston. These gowns can offer a sexy twist on otherwise clean and classic gowns. An off the shoulder gown is perfect for a timeless bride who is looking for an elegant dress.

    Vintage Beading

    Boston is such a historical city and many brides here want to go back in time and embrace a more vintage style with their wedding gowns. A sheath gown with vintage-styled beading is a great way to do this and really transport you back in time.

    Every bride is looking for the perfect dresses to make her feel her best on her big day. This can be a very stressful and overwhelming process, but there are things that you can do to make it easier. By looking around beforehand at some of the different dress styles out there and pinpointing styles, cuts, and fabrics that you like and don’t like, this will make your dress-buying journey a whole lot easier.


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