What Makes the Best Machine for Rowing?

    Machine for Rowing

    Not only is rowing at home convenient, but it can also provide a stronger calorie burn than cycling and running, and fit into any busy schedule. Rowing machines have a way of helping athletes and exercisers get through cold wintery months or hot, hot, hot summer days, and even injuries that sideline you from your typical routine. There are so many options over there now it’s up to you how you will find the best machine for rowing at home?

    Suitable for all skill levels

    No matter what your skill level, consider all the rowers and potential rowers in the family/household. Why? Once you start your journey of consistently using a rowing machine at home and are enjoying it so much, your family members will notice and will want in on this energy-boosting workout!

    So why not consider a machine for rowing that suits…

    • A beginner, who may have never tried rowing
    • A novice with some time spent on other rowing machines at the gym
    • A former college rower that misses the sport and wants to get back to it for fitness
    • An endurance athlete sidelined from saying cycling or running due to injury

    Educational and immersive

    A good at-home rowing machine will provide a no stone unturned experience where instructional videos show you how to care for your machine, proper technique, form for engaging muscles and more. Maybe you want a machine for rowing that provides an immersive experience with skilled professional rowers guiding and coaching you through a workout, or one where you can row solo and feel as if you’re in the boat on the calm waters of New England. Consider the options and level of coaching you may want in your new at-home rower.

    A holistic look

    A healthy body and mind go hand-in-hand. Exercise is the best to keep your self healthy on mental health, mood, energy, and focus. The best machine for rowing or any other at-home exercise equipment will have this at the forefront of their work.

    When a holistic approach is taken to developing rowing machines, the user has access to…

    • Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) capability
    • Technology and design that provides for a quieter rowing experience for you and all others in the household
    • Built-in speakers that are compatible with Bluetooth headphones or earbuds allowing you to hear the coaching or listen to music during your workout
    • WiFi connectivity
    • High intensity but low-impact workouts maximizing muscle engagement
    • Immersive workouts that take you on a journey and challenge your skill

    A rowing machine developed by rowers

    You want to know who’s behind the equipment you’re buying right? Rowing machines and other at-home gym equipment are investments you want to last. Consider that the best machine for rowing should be developed and backed by those with expertise in the industry.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a rowing machine that offers life and recorded workouts created by skilled athletes that know and love the sport? Finding a rowing machine for your home that includes the opportunity to participate in a journey where you’ll be able to focus on form and skill with a view of beautiful scenery would be something to look for as well.

    Row, row, row your way to health

    Healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy life. Isn’t that what we strive for? Do your research, read the reviews and be confident in selecting the best machine for rowing for your household, goals, and lifestyle. Be sure to read the FAQ pages of each option you’re considering and think about the experience you want to have. Variety, immersive, challenging, and backed by experts in the sport.


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