Slimming World Chicken Curry- Best Alternatives and Ideas

Slimming world chicken curry

Well, if you are trying to shed a few extra fats and finding the best taste as well, then you have to find the best Slimming world, chicken Curry. There are a lot of variants that can be found in the universe for the slimming world, which helps and motivates you with the right guidance to shed a few extra pounds.

There are various slimming world chicken variants that you can try and enjoy the lip-smacking taste. However, one may get confused and may think that it is difficult to prepare. The answer to this is no. The recipes are simple to make and super tasty. We have gathered a small yet delicious list of slimming world chicken curries that you can preparer for you and your loved ones any day!

More About Slimming World Chicken Curry and their Diet 

If you are not aware of the slimming world diet, then here is a quick brief about how it helps you immensely to lose some weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. The slimming world tries to get rid of all the fat loaded food products and replace then with the leaner alternatives that are available in the market. In this manner, you can carry on eating out your same favourite recipe and dishes but with way lesser fat content. Eventually, but completely switching all your food ingredients with a low-fat one, you will get rid of a few pounds just of the diet plan itself surely. Check out the delightful Slimming world Chicken Curry Alternatives that you must try.

Crispy Crunchy Chicken 

Slimming world chicken curry

Well, stopping yourself from eating some nice and crispy fried chicken is almost impossible. That is why in this Slimming world Chicken curry alternative list, we have the healthiest twist to fried chicken that one can have. Here, one has to use all lean chicken instead of your regular option. Moreover, the coating will not be of cornflour. Also, the deep-fried would be just a small shallow pan friend that will give out the equally amazing taste and crunch.

Peri-Peri Chicken 


Well, if you are craving something related to a fast-food chain, then don’t hit the drive-thru or call or delivery. They make most of their products with processed ingredients that make everything worse and super loaded with fats. Instead, what you can do is, get yourself a fresh piece of chicken breast or any other lean meat. Then prepare a hot and spicy peri-peri to marinate and then sear it on a non-stick pan. Serve it fresh with a fresh glass of fruit juice to replace the cold and see the magical combo.

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Give Your Chicken Curry an Asian Twist! 

Instead of making any plain old boring curry, you can make something spicy with a kick of Chinese flavours. All you need now is the lean chicken piece that you use for Slimming world Chicken Curry. Then, prepare a nice thick curry fused with ample sauces and chilly red pepper. This is will surely blow away everyone at the dinner table. You can serve this classy alternative with wheat-based noodle as well.

Indian Delight 

When one talks about Chicken Curry, then it is impossible to talk about the great and legendary Butter Chicken that hails all the away from India. This dish has a slightly sweet kick to it with all the cream and butter. Now, as the name suggests, it has some amount of butter in it. However, you can give this an amazing healthy twist by making it with low fat and skimmed cream. Moreover, make sure not to add any extra amount of oil and butter.

Let’s Bake! 


Another alternative that you can find out of Slimming world Chicken curry is that you can bake your lean chicken piece as well. All you need for that is some mix of fresh herbs and spices for the marination of your lean meat. Now, once the marination is done, you have to pre-heat the oven and bake your chicken of Slimming world.

Desi Chicken 

Another way to enjoy an Indian/Desi dish that can act as a wonderful alternative to Slimming World Chicken Curry is to make a chicken recipe with Indian spices and serve it hot along with some wheat Naan! This can be a bit complex to make. This is because the spices used in India are rare to find.

A Burger? 

Slimming world chicken curry

What is a burger doing in the list of healthy dishes that you can make besides Slimming world Chicken Curry? Well, not many of you are aware of this, but a Burger made with lean meat or chicken can give a huge healthy twist. For this, you have to use whole wheat baked bun and use a lot of green vegetables. Now add some sauces of your choice and serve it up!

Try Tandoori! 


Another way to keep the fats and oil minimum while having a wonderful blast of taste and flavours is with the help of a Tandoor or an India fire grill. First, you have to season and marinate your chicken with Indian space, curd and a bit of lemon. Then you have to through the chicken in the Tandoor and let it do the magic for you!

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Some Kebabs? 

Slimming world chicken curry

Yes, the Grill will never let you down! All you need is now a mixture of minced lean meat and some spices. Once the grill is on and ready, you need to add the skewers in the game and use them to charr your chicken. The slow cooking process of the Grill will requiter no extra or excess fat. Kebabs are one of the best and yummiest alternatives to a slimming world chicken curry that can give out equal taste and a low-fat experience.

Something tangy? 

Slimming world chicken curry

If you are bored with the plain old taste of the chicken curry and spices that you put in it, then its time to bring the tangy-ness! Basically, this alternative to the Slimming World Chicken curry would be based on tomatoes and onions gravy. Here, you will need a nice amount of tomatoes and onions. Next, you have to throw in your lean peace of meat to slowly cook in the low-fat broth or stew.

Steam it up!

Another way to enjoy your lean and tasty chicken is with the help of steam. The process of steaming and cooking will go perfectly with your Slimming world diet. Steaming will require next to zero amount of extra oil or butter that needs to go in the dish. So you can coat the chicken with the flavours you like and steam it in a steamer after a few hours of marination.

Chilly Chicken? 


Who said that you need to eat the same few recipes of chicken every day! There are a lot of ways to make your healthy diet into a wonderful journey of taste! One such alternative to the slimming world of Chicken curry is some spicy chilly Chicken. Yup, this is the most popular dish that is served in almost all Chinese food joints across the world.

Some Soup? 

If you can’t decide how to prepare your chicken, then its time to slurp on some soup for dinner. Things can’t get healthier than this. Add some fresh chunks of the lean meat and cook it with a range of fresh veggies and mild spices of your choice. Slowly stir your chicken until the soup turns into a thick consistency filled with flavours and nutrition.



Well, you can also go from some all-wheat Chicken pasta if you get bored of the curry-cycle of chicken. For this, all you will need is some whole wheat pasta that has no preservative in it. Also, keep in mind that you have to cook it in a tiny quantity of olive oil in order to lose weight. Add the chicken and fresh veggies to a pan and toss them until they are done. Moreover, if you want it to be an alternative to a slimming world chicken curry, then make sure to add little oil only.