Liverpool won a match but still left the Champions League: bet with the 1xbet promo code

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Champions League is rich in surprises. English Liverpool, being last year’s winner of the tournament, failed to bypass Madrid Atletico in the current playoffs. After the defeat in Spain with the score of 1:0, the experts believed that Jurgen Klopp’s players would be able to recoup. In the allotted 90 minutes of game time, the British scored one goal, and this was enough to get extra time. The final score of two matches was 1:1. At the same time, 64% of possession of the ball and 27 shots were essentially useless. Salah and Mane haven’t scored that evening. Those who believed in the guests were able to make good money. And those who used the 1xbet promo code when registering in the 1xbet office got even more profit. Liverpool won a match but still left the Champions League: In this article you will know about how to  bet with the 1xbet promo code-

But the most interesting events started in the allotted 30 minutes of extra time. At first, the Reds scored a quick goal thanks to Firmino’s efforts in the 94th minute. After that, Liverpool calmed down. This was the favourite’s main mistake that evening. First, the goalkeeper’s error allowed Llorente to score one goal. The Spanish players conveniently located at the English penalty box, and they did not fail this chance. This goal brought additional profit to those bettors who’d previously used the 1xbet promo code during registration.

How Atletico knocked Liverpool out? Watch matches online with the 1xbet stream

A missed goal dissuade the Merseysiders from their overall success. After a short while, the guests scored again. At 105 + 1 minute, Llorente scored again. The Spaniard elegantly shot from outside the penalty area. Only this time the ball came to the nearest post, so Adrian was powerless. The customers of the 1xbet bookmaker could watch what was happening thanks to the 1xbet stream service. Liverpool started its attack and threw all the forces in. The rear of the hosts was open, which Morata immediately took advantage of. The Atletico striker came face to face with the goalkeeper and did not leave him a chance. The final score was 2:3, and the Mattress-Makers made it to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Let’s recall with whom the teams played at the group stage. The British were obvious favourites of their quartet and didn’t have any difficulties:

  • Liverpool;
  • Salzburg;
  • Napoli;
  • Genk.

The Spaniards had a more difficult group with the Italian champion:

  • Atletico;
  • Locomotiv;
  • Juventus
  • Bayer.

Bettors could also watch all the matches of the Champions League group stage thanks to the 1xbet stream feature. As for Liverpool, they need to win the Premier League and wait for the next season. Atletico will continue to fight for the title in the most prestigious football tournament in Europe.




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