Biggest Casino Jackpot wins in history

million Casino Jackpot

Is there anything better in this world than receiving an absolutely huge casino jackpot? Unfortunately there aren’t actually that many of us that can testify to this, because as famous as casino jackpots are, they cannot be won by every Tom, Dick and Harry Million. Regardless, Online Cricket Betting ID are undeniably one of the main reasons why gamblers try their luck at casinos around the world, mainly because modern casino jackpot wins have the power to truly change your life. 

Seriously, with the amount of money that is in the global casino industry in the 21st century there is much more money available as prize money. This is something that is especially relevant in the online casino world, where the costs of actually running a casino are way less than in the world of brick and mortar casinos. It got us thinking, what are some of the biggest casino jackpot wins in history? We suggest you keep reading to find out! 

$40 Million 

It seems as though some people in this world are just cut out for high stakes gambling, and one of these people is the legendary Las Vegas gambler Archie Karas. Legend has it that Archie Karas arrived in the US with just $50, however due to his love of gambling he knew that he could quite easily increase this amount if he put his mind to it.

And oh boy did he put his mind to it, because as soon as he acquired the funds to enter a high stakes poker game Archie Karas ended up going on an absolutely remarkable three year winning streak, winning a monumental $40 million in that time. That means he went from $50 to $40 million in the space of a few years, picking up a few of the biggest casino jackpot wins in history along the way too! 

$34.95 Million 

Have you ever heard of the legendary Las Vegas Megabucks machines? Well, after this story you are definitely going to be itching to check them out, as they have been responsible for some of the biggest casino jackpot wins in the history of the world. And the reason why? The Las Vegas Megabucks machines were one of the first progressive jackpot slots to hit the world, hence why they are able to pay out so much money. 

But anyway, one day a woman called Cynthia Jay decided to give a Megabucks machine a spin in her native Las Vegas, and to her astonishment she ended up bagging a pretty mental $34.95 million as a result. Can you believe it? We’re pretty sure she couldn’t! 

$25 Millions 

Most people aren’t even lucky enough to win one high stakes casino jackpot, however this isn’t true of one particularly lucky man called Elmer Sherwin, somebody who amazingly ended up winning two Las Vegas Megabucks jackpots over the course of his life that totalled to $25 million. 

As you might imagine Elmer Sherwin was pretty damn pleased about this, and managed to do everything he’d ever dreamed of doing.


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