How to Unban Someone on Discord- Details You Need to Know in 2021

how to unban someone on discord

How to Unban Someone of Discord and More Details 

Discord has made a prominent mark in today’s world of the Internet; hence, knowing the basics like how to unban someone on discord has become essential. However, Discord has taken its plight of popularity in recent days only. This rise of Discord happened when due to the covid lockdown, people started spending their time on the audio rooms more.

Discord being one of the leading applications in the genre of online talk rooms, it got a significant boost. The discord server has several great features that no other app can promise you with such a user-friendly interface.

Discord and its Usage- 

Even though anyone can use Discord and make their own room there, however, there are several specific communities and fields that can significantly benefit from Discord and its services. It is a simple yet tremendous help that helps people to meet up online and talk. It is not required that all the discord server members have to participate. You can even enjoy a discord room by being a mere audience as well. There are several talent hunts that are organised as well, which is a great way to get exposure, especially in covid times. You can meet and know a lot of people that too without stepping out at all with Discord!


One of the central communities that bring colossal traffic to Discord is the gaming community. Discord is a beautiful platform for gamers as they can make their own page and rooms here to discuss and plan. All sorts of gamers have taken over this platform as the room feature of Discord gets their whole clan under one group where they can exchange info or plan something.


As mentioned above briefly, one of the main features of Discord is that you can put a large number of people into a single room and communicate. Furthermore, the room owner can control the communication, and the people in the group can make their separate rooms as well. Hence, Discord acts as a wonderful platform where celebs of all sorts can do an online meet and greet with their fans.

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About Banning 

how to unban someone on discord

Well, whenever there are people joining an online event, there will be all sorts of people. Some trolls or unwanted people might join as well to ruin the discord room. Moreover, some people might cross some basic rules and guidelines as well. For all such problems, y Discord has given the option to Ban people from the server. This means that you can prevent one person from entering your particular server.

Another sort of ban that Discord has arranged is where the moderators from the Discord team can monitor and ban them from the entire system for violating the basic rules and guidelines.

Can you remove a member from the ban list?

how to unban someone on discord

There might be times where you have banned someone for a specific time limit, or you may even ban someone by mistake. In such a case, it is crucial to know how to unban someone on a discord server.

Well, to do so, first, you will have to be a moderator or an owner of the server. Now, all the server has to do is click and open and check the server settings that you can find easily on the very homepage of your discord server. If you are unable to find the ban setting, then click on your servers name after logging in to Discord, and there you will see an option of server settings.

Here, you will find a particular section that says ban. Here, you will find the detailed list of people who have been given a ban from the server. So, if you want to unban someone, you will have to go select their name and choose the unban option.

More Details

Once you unban a particular person for your discord server, they will become a regular member and resume all the access. For example, if you ban someone for sharing off-topic posts on your discord server and then you unban him after some time. Now, he will again have access to post whatever he wants to post on your discord server if you have kept the posting option open for the members. He will have the same access as all the other members after you choose to unban.

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Hence, it is wise to take the decision of unbanning someone with full caution. However, you can always go back to banning them again if they resume posting any unwanted or inappropriate posts.

What About System Ban? 

how to unban someone on Discord
Source- www.alphr,com

There might be an instance where a discord user gets automatically banned by Discord with a blame for violating the rules and guidelines. However, there might be a case of misunderstanding as well. One might face an inevitable ban by discord servers with misunderstanding as well. In this case, there are several small tricks that you can try-

Send Request

By choosing the option to send a request to the Discord system, you get a chance to justify yourself. Here you can have a word with the mods at the discord system. This is where you can explain your case and ask them for a humble unban.


As they give a ban your server only, a different account won’t help. However, you will need to access a VPN as that will change your server. Hence, now you can easily make a new account and access Discord. However, with the VPN and a new ID, you won’t get your old account access back.


We hope that now you know all about Discord and its ban. Discord is a great platform where you can have tons of fun. However, it is important to see the banning and unbanning system. If you get banned by Discord, then don’t panic or worry too much. You can always have the option of pleading a request and getting an unban from this fantastic platform.

This will help you to enjoy your experience at Discord even more. Make sure to keep these in mind, then next time you make your own server at Discord.


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