Isles of Scilly Travel Tips- The best Things to Do on the Islands!

Isles of Scilly Travel

Isles of Scilly Travel Details 

The Isles of Scilly are incredible and mind-blowing tourist places, especially for the people that are looking for a chill and laid-back travel. Moreover, the scenic beauty is something that will just take over you, and the overwhelming winds are sure to knock anyone out with the fulfilment of bliss.

Many people who travel to the coastal regions of Cornwall choose to visit these amazing islands that have a lot to offer. People who plan their Isles of Scilly travel should be aware of a few things before they plan their travel. This includes many coastal spots that a lot of us miss visiting as the travellers lack awareness regarding it.

More Details

Here, in this article related to Island, we will talk about some of the best Isles of Scilly spots and places that you must look into once you make your travel plan. We will discuss all the significant points that will help you to enjoy the islands to the very utmost. However, make sure that you keep a tab of the Scilly weather beforehand to avoid the disappointing and heavy rainfalls.

A Diverse Landscape

The Scilly islands are known for their coastal as well as tropical beauty and diversity. All of this is due to the wonderful weather that comes along because of its location, which is the Gulf Stream. The winds are often tagged along with heavy clouds and eventually rains, so a shower or two during your visit should be a regular sight.

However, you can avoid the heavy rainfalls if you keep a keen eye on the Scilly Islands’ weather forecast. Besides the rain and cloudy weather, make sure to explore the Scilly island islands as well. They have a wonderful green and scenic beauty hiding in the inland of the Island as well. The geographical and climatic situations have given an outstanding advantage to the Scilly Islands. It is said that the Isles of Scilly has something to offer to everyone. However, this is only possible if you get an excellent Isles of Scilly travel Guide.

Not just an Island but Islands!

Yes, the Isles of Scilly is beyond just a single island. There are four more islands that are a part of the Scilly! Moreover, all four of the islands are equally impressive. Make sure that you cover the other islands and their interiors as well the next time you plan your Isles of Scilly travel. Moreover, you can hire a tour guide for your Scilly travel too! This will help you to explore the British gardens and their culture thoroughly.

Enjoy the History


A lot of people who plan their Isles of Scilly travel don’t understand that they can give you a profound glimpse into History as well. You must acknowledge the historical elements that lie throughout the landscape of Scilly. The old and historical things like phonebooths and old shipwrecks can be found all across the islands. This can give you an in-depth experience of what living the old British times used to feel and look like. Even in the current era, the people or the gentry of Scilly are not thoroughly modern. They still like to depend on the old ways of survival, unlike the other places on earth.

Not Just Green Gardens and Sea.

One may think that their Isles of Scilly travel would be all about vast green lands and sea, but they are wrong. Along with the breathtaking view and historical importance, the islands have a lot to offer for nature lovers as well. There are a lot of things for nature lovers in the Scilly Islands. You can randomly spot seals every other day from the coastal area. Moreover, you can enjoy a lot of different bird species that visit the islands or are inhabitants of the same. This makes the whole Scilly escape even more wholesome.

Don’t Miss out on the Food!


When you are on your trip to the Isles of Scilly, don’t miss out on the amazing grub there. Don’t limit your trip to sightseeing and the gloomy weather. It would be best if you indulged in some lip-smacking local cuisine of the Scilly Islands. Y0u can get some of the best seafood around as you will get a fresh catch cooked for you almost every time. Even the local food joints offer some delicious fish dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. If one is not so much into seafood, then they can definitely go and check some other local food as well. Moreover, you can enjoy the local green produce of the Island too! All you need is a good Isles of Scilly travel guide, and you are good to go!

The Beach and Beyond! 

isles of scilly travel

Along with the green lands and great FoodFood, Scilly islands have some spectacular beaches as well! One must visit the various beaches of the green islands! In order to make the most of the Scilly trip, make sure you get an excellent Isles of Scilly travel guide. You can enjoy the islands’ peaceful view and enjoy the breeze at any given beach in the Scilly Islands. The contrast of the green landscapes, drizzling weather, and fabulous beaches make the whole trip worth it!

Outdoor Adventures! 

One thing that the Isles of Scilly guarantee is that you will never get bored! You can make a long list of outdoor activities as well! From kite flying to adventurous diving, you have it all on this Island. So, make sure to appoint the best Isles of Scilly travel guide and soak in the best experience. There are several activities that will keep your adrenaline boosted and keep you occupied. This will make your travel to the Scilly Isles even more fun.

Lessons of History 

Another reason why a lot of people want to travel to the Isle of Scilly is the historical importance of the Islands. The Isles of Scilly played a considerable role in the events of Engish History. There are various elements of the old times that are still kept and preserved even today. So, remember to go out and enjoy the rich History of your trip to the Scilly Islands. You can plan to see the castles and the old shipwrecks by going to the outskirts of the towns.

Don’t Miss the Race! 

isles of scilly travel

Whenever you get the chance to visit the Scilly islands in the summer season, then try to witness the amazing gig race that happens two days a week. It is a fun-filled sport were several teams race in the longboats. It is commonly known as the Gig race. If you appoint yourself a fair Isles of Scilly travel guide, then they can hook you up to visit this race. However, you won’t be able to see this all year round, so make sure that you don’t miss out on it when you and your near ones are travelling to the islands in the summer. You can plan a nice day out when the race is being held and get some nice grub and drinks as well.

Easy Access

Another brilliant fact about Scilly island is that it is easily accessible. You can travel to the Island for a while, taking a flight or Flying from England. Moreover, you can choose the Seaways as well. The Ferry service is also available for all Sea lovers to the Scilly Islands. You can easily get to it if you plan the Scilly trip a week prior.


We hope that now you know all the details about your Isles of Scilly trip. All you need to do is plan it with your near and dear ones in the right or apt weather. There are numerous things to do and enjoy in the islands of Scilly. Make sure to make the most of it with the help of an Isles of Scilly travel guide. Moreover, try to plan a relaxed and extended trip to visit English History. You will need at least four days to actually sulk in the beauty and history of the Great English Scilly Islands.


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