How to Make Mashed Potatoes- Easy Recipe and Top Variants for 2021

how to make mashed potatoes

How to Make Mashed Potatoes

If you are looking for a lip-smacking side dish that can enhance the taste of any meal experience, then you should definitely know how to make mashed potatoes. We love potatoes in some of the other forms. Be it fried or pan-seared, potatoes can give out an amazing taste in almost any way that you can cook it. One of the most popular ways to have these amazing vegetables is in the mashed form; if you love mashed potatoes, then surely read along the blog to know how to cook mashed potatoes that can steal anyone’s heart in just a single bite!

The mashed potatoes are a mushy delight that almost all of us love. The way to make mashed potatoes is very simple as well. Moreover, with just a few tips from us, you can take the dish to the next level. For hardcore potato lovers, this dish can become a main course as well! In this blog about how to make mashed potatoes, we will discuss the different variants of mashed potatoes that you can cook as well. The different variants and styles of the dish will make you fall in love with potatoes even more!

More Details

The way you make your mashed potatoes will depend on a few factors. Not many people are aware of this, but the different types of potatoes that you will use will add a different taste and texture to your dish. So make sure that you use the best ones that you can find around you. Even the aging of the potatoes matters a lot in this dish. It is better to use the aged ones to make the dish as the new ones can be a bit too sticky for the right consistency.

The Basic Recipe of Mashed Potatoes

how to make mashed potatoes

First, let us know and understand the recipe of the basic mashed potatoes before we dig into the different variants of this amazing dish. This recipe can be a wonderful side dish for almost every meal. If you make mac n cheese or if you have a good round eye roast, this recipe will be a sure shot success with it. Even if you are trying to follow a healthy and green diet, this can go really well with the veggies as well! So let us know how to cook these potatoes in the smoothest and mushiest way!

The Process

The first step of making the mashed potatoes is you need to gather the best potatoes that you can find around you. Make sure that you get the aged potatoes if you get any in your local shop. The take a deep stockpot and add the water in a ratio of your potatoes. Make sure that all the potatoes get boiled thoroughly. Don’t peel them beforehand as they can make the potatoes go blackish due to the oxidization.

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So fill that utensil with water and put it to a boil. Take the potatoes and prick them (make small holes) a few times with a fork or a knife. Once the water gets heated and starts to bubble and boil, add the potatoes to the vessel and cover the lid to fasten the process. You can boil the potatoes without the lid as well, but it may take a longer time to cook. So cover the vessel and let the potatoes cook for around 15 minutes.

Next Step

After you take out the potatoes, peel them out completely. Now, it is time to mash the potatoes. So, make sure that you a masher or a sieve to mash them completely. Keep mashing them until you reach and smooth and creamy texture. Now, add some milk to it to elevate the creamy level. Keep stirring it while it is hot. Once the milk is mixed and the potatoes, now it is time to add the seasonings. Please make sure that you serve this mushy treat as hot as possible. 

This is because the colder ones may lose the creamy texture that you might be looking for. Now, once you have mixed all the ingredients of the mashed potatoes well, top them up with some fresh leafy herbs. It can take coriander or even thyme. Serve fresh with some freshly baked bread or any other main course of your choice!

The Varients 

Let us check out some of the different and crazy types of mashed potatoes that you can make just by adding a small twist into the recipe!

Say Cheese!
how to make mashed potatoes

Yup! It is possible to have creamy mashed potatoes with the ever-favorite cheese flavor! Now all you need to do for the cheesy kick is add some grated cheese (Cheddar) or even mozzarella and enjoy the creamy and cheese side dish! You also treat it as a snack and have it in the evening. When you add cheese to the mashed potatoes, make sure to notch it up with a little extra seasoning to add that little kick.

Creamy Delight

To add an even more creamy texture, you can add a bit of cream along with milk as well. This might make the mashed potatoes a bit runny if you overdo them. Make sure that you don’t add a lot of creams. Moreover, to go well with the cream, you add some black pepper and come roasted and minced garlic as well. Top it all up with few fresh herbs, and you are good to go!

Some Veggies!

We know that the weight watchers or fitness freaks won’t play with the potatoes, but they can make the whole potatoes recipe with a little healthy kick to it. All you need is some sauteed vegetables or roasted will do as well. Now, once you have roasted them or cooked them, finely chop them and add them to your mashed potatoes. You can add onions, carrots, capsicum, and a lot of other things to make it healthy!

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With the Peels

If you like the potato skin, then you can add the skin as well. But you have to use the ones with the thin peels so that they don’t become chewy. Furthermore, you can even add some bits of bacon too. The bacon and its fat will complement the potatoes very well. So make sure that you try this variant of mashed potatoes at least once.

Some Raddish?

It may sound a bit off, but you can a bit of mashed radish into the hot potatoes and watch the magic!


Want to give a nice sour kick to your lovely and mushy potatoes? Add some buttermilk in it and add some freshly chopped green and sauteed green onions and see the magic! Serve it fresh after adding some butter with some steak or any other main course dish! This will surely win many hearts at the dinner table!

Oniony Magic!

To make the mashed potatoes a main course dish, you can add various ingredients to it. Be it some bell peppers or even onion, as we know that the potatoes and onion go really well together. For this reason, you can add some finely chopped onions into your mashed potatoes and enjoy the outstanding taste. Also, add some green chilies to hit that spicy note in your palette.

Herbs and More

The herbs can play a vital role in your recipe for mashed potatoes. All you need is some freshly plucked herbs and add them into the hot mix of mashed potatoes. You can also use some dry herbs and premix seasonings if you don’t have any fresh herbs at your place.

Meaty Mash!

Lovesome meat with your meal? If you want to combine the great taste of meat with the warmth of a potatoes, then you can add some meat of your choice to the mashed potatoes as well. However, make sure that you cook the meat well before adding it to the mashed potatoes dish. Also, add finely chopped chunks of chicken in the mix as that will add a wonderful sense of bite to the dish.


Well, now you know how to make a wonderful and mushy mashed potatoes with our simple and easy recipe! Make sure that you try your hand at this yummy dish in 2021! We hope that your near and dear ones love the taste of this recipe. Once you get your handset and you know how to cook the mashed potatoes properly, now you can add the variants into the dish and play with the flavors as the potatoes are a wonderful canvass for the diverse favors.