Five YouTubers who quit Fortnite

Five YouTubers who quit Fortnite

Five YouTubers who quit Fortnite.Fortnite is perhaps one of the most popular games in the world at the moment. It has more than 79 million active players currently. There is no surprise that professional eSports players selected Fortnite as their game of choice to stream. Streaming is currently playing an enormous role in the gaming community. A good stream by an established player not only yields  good content for the viewers, but also adds to the popularity of the game itself.

Ever since it’s launch on 25th July, 2017, many popular gamers started streaming Fortnite. There are numerous platforms where you can stream your content on and one of them is YouTube. But as it happens with any popular game, people eventually either get bored or give up. Today we would be looking at 5 YouTubers who quit Fortnite.

#. FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis was one of the most popular Fortnite streamers. He didn’t quit Fortnite by choice. He was actually made to do so. Fortnite was practically the reason that helped FaZe Jarvis to get 2.16 million+ subscribers on his channel organically. However, in November 2019, Jarvis was permanently banned by Epic Games for use of cheating softwares and hacks such as an aimbot which kills opponents automatically. This broke the YouTuber who even posted a video apologizing to his fans and subscribers for his horrid mistake.

#. CarryisLive

Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati was perhaps the quickest to try and quit Fortnite. He streamed the game perhaps twice on his gaming channel CarryisLive and decided to quit the game thereafter. The reason carry makes it to our list is even though he had just two streams with the game, they received over a million total views. CarryisLive is one of the biggest names when it comes to India’s gaming community with over 6.25 million YouTube subscribers. Carry is generally more inclined towards PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds or PUBG both mobile and PC versions. But apart from it Carry plays almost every new and interesting video game he can get his hands on. 

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Between Carry’s influence over India’s gaming community and him dismissing the game so quickly, Fortnite never really caught up in India. Apart from his gaming channel, Carry has another channel called Carryminati which is in fact his primary channel. He posts Roast videos on that channel and recently has even started uploading Rap music videos. His other channel is huge with 23.8 million subscribers.

#. Ceeday

Although not the best in business, Ceeday’s videos did accumulate well over 5 million views individually. Ceeday currently has over 6.75 million subscribers on YouTube but has stopped streaming and videos not only on Fortnite but entirely altogether. Fans speculate that perhaps Ceeday was totally burnt out of Fortnite and YouTube in general but the actual reason is not known. With a unique editing style Ceeday used to blend humour in his videos which were loved by his fans.

#. Fe4rless

Fe4rless was a massive YouTuber with over 7.35 million subscribers. But his videos were even more popular with well over 20 million views individually. But he suddenly stopped making them. There was a moment when there was a rumour about his death floating around the internet. He had to actually post a video to address this issue. He has only posted three videos in the past year.

#. Shroud

If you love gaming, then you have definitely heard of Shroud. His talents are unmatched in the industry. When Fortnite was launched, Shroud became one of its first pioneers and patrons. But as the game started to grow, the focus shifted from actual FPS into a more strategic one spun around building and editing structure. This was perhaps the reason why Shroud quit Fortnite in August 2019. Shroud’s YouTube channel has over 6.3 million subscribers.

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1. Why did Ninja quit playing Fortnite? 

Ninja said he grew tired of the game and wanted to try new games and challenge himself.

2. Which other big YouTubers/streamers have quit Fortnite?

Some other major names that have quit include Myth, Dakotaz, CDNThe3rd, and Ali-A. 

3. Did Fortnite stop being fun for content creators?

Many said the game got stale over time and wanted more content variety.

4. Have any YouTubers returned to playing Fortnite?

Some, like CDNThe3rd, have returned occasionally but need to focus on it like they used to. 

5. What games did YouTubers switch to after quitting Fortnite?  

Many moved to games like Call of Duty, Valorant, Apex Legends, Minecraft, and GTA V.