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The Book Identification Number (BIN) quoting has been named mandatory for government deductors, who are detailing TDS without payment through bank challans. The BIN is a unique verification key, that is dispersed by the Assessing Officer (AO) to the relating DDO ought to be accurately filled in the TDS/TCS statement, according to information accessible in the BIN view. Today we are covering a portion of the significant part of BIN.

View/Download Book Identification Number (BIN) Details

BIN View

1. To  View/Download Book Identification Number (BIN) Details Click on the accompanying Link :-

2. Enter the Following details in the field provided on the above link.


  • To view BIN details give TAN, Nature of Payment, Form 24G month/year run.
  • Moreover, to view BIN details of specific AO, give the AIN of AO notwithstanding above mandatory details.
  • BIN is to be cited in the Transfer voucher details while setting up the quarterly TDS/TCS statements.
  • Period chose ought to be inside 15 months.
  • BIN view is accessible for Form 24G filed for F.Y. 2010-11 onwards.
  • On the off chance that BIN details for referenced AIN and period are not accessible, at that point please contact your particular Pay and Accounts Office (PAO)/District Treasury Office (DTO) to whom the TDS/TCS is reported.
  • BIN comprises of the accompanying:
  • Receipt Number: Seven digit unique number generated for each Form 24G statement effectively-acknowledged at the TIN focal system.
  • DDO Serial Number: Five digit unique number generated for each DDO record with valid TAN present in the Form 24G statement effectively-acknowledged at the TIN focal system.
  • Date: The last date of the month and year for which TDS/TCS is reported in Form 24G.

Some significant focuses in regards to Book Identification Number:

So as to view/download BIN details, select the period (Month and Year) for which Form 24G statements has been filed. However, to view/download BIN for explicit TAN, notice the TAN of DDO and period (Month and Year) for which Form 24G statements has been filed.

Receptacle will be generated uniquely for those DDO records for which valid TAN is provided.

However, the client will have the option to demand BIN (view/download) most extreme for a period of 12 months.

Verification of the measure of tax dispatched to the Government is discretionary. So as to confirm the measure of tax dispatched, the AO needs to choose the checkbox and give the measure of tax. On the off chance that the details match with the sum present at TIN focal system, ‘Sum coordinated’ will be shown, else ‘Confound in Amount’ will be shown. It is very important for any small business to streamline their accounting, make sure to know-how! 

  • The downloadable file will be carat (^) isolated text file.
  • Downloaded file will be compacted and secret word ensured.
  • Concentrate Zip file containing BIN details in text form by utilizing WinZip rendition 9.0 or more, WinRaR variant 3.90 or more and 7-Zip adaptation 4.65 or more.
  • However, Password for separating the substance of the BIN file will be 7 digits AIN.
  • File will contain DDO record with valid TAN alongside relating BIN.
  • Moreover, In the event of an enormous number of records, files will be part of numerous files.

When is BIN generated?

In view of the details presented by the DDOs, the separate DTO/PAO will file Form No.24G (which is a monthly e-TDS return).

On the effective filing of Form No.24G, a unique Book Identification Number will be expressed on the Tax Information Network (NSDL) after the individual Principal Accounts Officer files monthly statements with Form 24G.

This BIN should be cited in the quarterly returns. The client may contact the individual Assessing Officer and gather the essential BIN details.

Outcomes of Not Quoting BIN

Receptacle details and the measure of TDS reported in the quarterly TDS statement filed by the DDO will be cross-checked with the details recorded in the Form No.24G filed by the PAO for verification purposes. Moreover, If there should arise an occurrence of any mistaken information reported by the DDOs in the TDS statement; the endeavored verification will bring about befuddle because of which the credit to the particular deductee won’t be accessible in the Form 26AS relating to the deductee. Consequently, the BIN spread by the separate PAO ought to be reported precisely. Alongside the relating sum in the TDS statement filed by the DDOs.

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