Exceptional Electronic File Management Made Possible in GogoPDF Web-Based Tools

File converter 

Managing tons of electronic File converter in your computer file drive or smartphone storage may sometimes take so much time and require you to exert an enormous amount of effort. Most especially, if handling these electronic files is part of your job description in the company you’re working for, you would expect that it’ll be so much paperwork. 

However, with the help of advanced technology, everything now becomes fast and convenient. In fact, the internet offers a lot of websites that will give you services and assistance by letting you use their file tools for entirely free. One of the most popular sites that many people use today is GogoPDF. Here are some of the helpful web-based file tools of GogoPDF below that will indeed give you exceptional electronic file management. 

Online Electronic File converter 

Electronic file converter is one of the in-demand file tools of GogoPDF. It lets you transform your existing files into a particular file format you need. Hence, you can convert PDF to PDFA if you want to store your PDF files on your device for many years. It’s because the PDFA format has a standard of preserving the overall quality of your files for long-term safekeeping. 

Moreover, if you have Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, you can also convert them to a PDF format. By doing so, the layout and design of these files will never change even if you open and view them using other devices and operating systems. You can further check the GogoPDF platform for more free electronic file conversions by visiting its official website. 

Online Password-Protect Tool for File converter 

You may have heard different stories from people’s life experiences about their PDF files getting hacked and misused by people they don’t know. In fact, many have been reported as victims of any fraudulent activities related to their PDF files. This particular concern is pretty alarming and has been an ongoing issue for many PDF users worldwide for years. 

In line with this, GogoPDF developed another online file tool to resolve this problem, and that’s the password-protect tool. It allows you to add a secure password in your PDF files to avoid all of the negative things stated above from happening in the future. You only need to visit the GogoPDF website to get your PDFs uploaded on its password protect tool. 

Then, you have to create a unique password. You may incorporate different characters like capital and small letters, numerals, and you can even add some symbols you want. Within a few minutes, the newly passworded PDF files are now ready for download, and you save them straight to your device. It’s the quickest encryption procedure of GogoPDF. That’s indeed time-saving and convenient. 

Online Unlock PDF

File encryption is an effective way to protect your PDFs from any form of unwanted access and unpermitted use of data and information. However, if your PDF files only contain general knowledge and basic information, keeping them password-free will be a better option. Hence, if you have this kind of PDF file on your computer or smartphone that’s fully encrypted, it’s time for you to decrypt them using the unlock PDF tool of GogoPDF. 

The entire decryption process is pretty quick and simple. You only have to access the online tool of GogoPDF that you can find on its website and get your encrypted PDF files uploaded in no time. After that, let the system initiate the whole decryption process within minutes. Then, there you have it! Your PDF files are now password-free, and you’ll enjoy accessing and using them without worrying that you might provide the wrong password again.  

Online eSign PDF Tool

If you’ve been using PDF files for quite some time now, you may have used some files that require a signature for document validity, credibility, and authenticity purposes. It’ll surely be a hassle for you when you have to print out these files, let people sign them, and scan them again to have a digital copy. 

No worries! You no longer have to do this entire time-consuming process again. The GogoPDF platform will let you use its online eSign PDF tool that will allow you to write your signature on your PDF files electronically. Using the computer mouse or its touchpad, you can manually input your signature quickly and seamlessly. That’s the simplest and easiest way of dealing with PDF files that require necessary signatures


As mentioned above, managing tons of electronic files may mean a lot of work to do. It might also add to your problem when you don’t have computer software you can use to finish all of your file tasks. No worries! Moving forward, you’ll never have this kind of issue again with your electronic files. The GogoPDF platform will make sure to provide you with all of the file tools you need that you can use for free for exceptional electronic management. 


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