GogoPDF Guide: Transforming Your Files Into Different Types Of File Formats Easily!

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Transforming a specific certainly is not for everyone to manage. But using GogoPDF tools Convert and features, you are definitely on the right device. GogoPDF is an online converter tool that can transform documents into various types of file formats for free. You don’t have to cut your bank to use their devices.

Converting PDF files is an essential thing to do for some people, especially students and working professionals, as they handle and manage several documents all at once. And if you want to work without any hassle, GogoPDF can help you. Here are some of its tools and features that you can use.

How To Convert With GogoPDF

As mentioned earlier, this specific converter can convert documents easily. It has a user-friendly interface designed in a streamlined manner for anyone to utilize without a headache. GogoPDF offers a PDF to Excel, PPT, HTML, PNG, or Word to PDF converter tool since you can also transform the other way around. 

Convert Word To PDF 

One of the most popular tools is the Word to PDF tool. A Word document is the most common among all the file formats as you can easily edit and modify some changes correctly. It’s often used to compose or write letters, articles, researches, and many more. If you need to convert a Word document into a PDF file, here’s how. 

The first thing to do is go to GogoPDF’s website and search for the Word to PDF tool. Then, select and upload the file that you want to convert into a PDF file or drag and drop it into the designated box for a more straightforward method. Please wait for a moment while converting the file before you can save or download it on your device.

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Convert PDF To PPT

You can turn that dull document into a lively presentation with GogoPDF’s PDF to PPT tool. You have the option to be creative while being informative. You can add images, shapes, colors, and other factors on each slide to show your creative side in your presentation. Just follow these four steps.

The first step on the list is to select the PDF to PPT tool and upload the document that you want to turn into a PPT. Then, you can now customize and add additional alterations to match your file’s specifications and press “Convert.” And please wait for a moment while it’s finishing the process of your file.

Compress PDF Files

Compressing a PDF file is also on the list of tools of GogoPDF. People use this tool whenever they need to compress or resize a particular document for more significant storage. To do so, select the file that you want to resize into the toolbox and wait for a while before saving the form.

GogoPDF: PRO Version

All GogoPDF’s tools and features are accessible for free, but only for a certain number of times. But you can always have the option to subscribe to the premium version. Premium users have excellent perks and benefits. Some great perks are converting files simultaneously, prioritized whenever there is a technical error and no more annoying pop-up ads.

GogoPDF: More Features And Security

One great feature of GogoPDF is its sophisticated security system. They are SSL encrypted. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, a standard technology connection that safeguards your internet browsers that are being accessed between two programs. This prevents the risk of viruses, malware, online theft, and other malicious intent on the web.

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Using GogoPDF, you are guaranteed safe and protected as one of their main priorities is their user’s safety and privacy since working with a sensitive and confidential file and information is inevitable. On top of that, it has a unique policy wherein, after an hour, everything that has been converted and transmitted on their website will be deleted. 

On the other hand, GogoPDF’s accessibility is one of the more reasons to love it. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Since it’s a web-based converter tool, there is no more point in installing or downloading different applications or plug-ins as it can be accessed through any operating systems such as Mac, Windows, or even Linux programs.


There is more reason to use GogoPDF tools and features for your document needs in time. It not only produces high-quality documents, but you are assured it’s safe and secure to use. A reliable, consistent, efficient converter that not most other converter tools can provide. Check GogoPDF and experience it firsthand.