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How to get through painful experiences

How to get through painful experiences

In our lives, we experience many phases; some of which are easy and some are really painful. When we are going through such painful experiences, we develop a certain emotional disability, thus throwing us into a deep ocean of grief, sorrows, regrets, fear, anger, hatred, and disappointment. We must take necessary steps in order to get ourselves out of this deadly ocean or we may sink in it forever and ruin our whole life. Thus, this post like Huffpost is handy as it gives you some important tips to get through painful experiences:

 Allow yourself to talk about it

You must allow yourself to expresses your repressed feelings. In fact, you must give permission to talk about your painful experiences and hurtful feelings. This will help you to reduce your pain and you will feel much lighter and relieved.

Find a trustworthy person to share about it

trustworthy person

When you are ready to talk about your painful feelings, now it is time to look for a trustworthy fellow. That fellow could be our spouse, close friend, sibling, or even our therapist. Sharing your load with someone trustworthy and reliable will definitely serve as a powerful medicine. Visiting your therapist may also help you to not only get you out of your painful experiences but also enlightening you with a positive futuristic approach.

Learn from your mistake instead of feeling guilty

A man is born to commit mistakes since the first mistake was committed by Adam and Eve. Instead of regretting it all your life, you can learn from your mistake. You can use past hurtful memory as a motivation to protect your family today. If you have been hurt by unfaithfulness in the past, you can compensate it by being faithful today. If you have been living in fear of growing in an abusive home, you can saturate your home by providing security and giving love and affection to your family.

Be a forgiver and not revengeful

forgiver and not revengeful

Mahatma Gandhi said,” The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”. Feelings of anger, wrath, hatred, revenge add more pain to your sufferings.  Instead, forgiveness and moving forward is the key step in your new life of success and positivity. It does not only make you stronger but also has a unique healing quality in it.

Accept the reality

Reality can never be changed even though it is always bitter. You have to accept your mistakes and must accept that you can’t change reality and thus cannot change the past. Never use the phrase “I wish I could do like that…”, such wishes make you more grief and distressed. 

Self-care helps to move on

Self-care helps to move on

Once you go through your journey of painful experiences, you will notice that you have stopped taking care of yourself. This can make you more depressed and your condition even worse. You must take care of yourself to get mentally and physically fit. Regular exercise gives you physical fitness and praying gives you peace of mind. You can also keep your mind fresh by doing things that bring happiness and joy. You can go to a hill station to get a peaceful mind.

Stay away from painful sources and become closer to your loved ones

Many of you step towards isolation in order to escape from the bitter questioning of the people. Isolation is not the correct way to let go of your sorrows. The most effective way is to keep a distance from the person or situation that is the root cause of your frustration and distress. On the other hand, you must look around people who love you. You must stay in touch with them to have a good, healthy meeting. This will refresh your mind and you can get through your hurtful experiences easily.

Keep yourself busy

It is said that “An empty mind is a devil’s home”. You must keep yourself busy so that you stay away from your worrisome thoughts. Start your favorite hobby like listening to music, playing piano, gardening, etc. Once you get engaged in such tasks, you may easily get over your depressions. 

Help others

The best thing you can do to get through your painful experiences is to help someone. In this way, you will get mental satisfaction and will realize that you are not alone and there are many people who are in more distressful condition than you. 

To conclude, getting through your painful experiences is not an easy job but it not also not impossible until you make the decision to follow such useful suggestions.  


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