Eco-friendly toilet paper: A complete guide

    toilet paper

    Toilet paper is an outdated product that is damaging to the environment. Normal toilet paper creates a market that supports the cutting down of trees for a single use product. Today, in the face of an environmental disaster we have turned to more sustainable alternatives. Some replacements in everyday life are surprisingly easy to make. The best replacement for toilet paper made of trees is bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is not only good for the environment but it is eco-friendly, soft, and has natural health benefits. Bamboo toilet paper is a great alternative, and is the best option for making a greener change in the bathroom.

    Easy to switch

    Making the transition to eco friendly toilet paper from wood toilet paper is easy and seamless. Bamboo toilet paper looks like normal toilet paper, but performs better and it is environmentally safer. Bamboo toilet paper companies break down bamboo with a safe soaking and mulching process, the bamboo turns into a super soft antimicrobial fiber which is then made into toilet paper. You can make the change in a few minutes by ordering online. Most bamboo toilet paper companies give you the option of ordering online which is easy and takes one more item off your shopping list, and leaving you with peace of mind.

    Going Green

    Bamboo toilet paper is an easy way to go green at home or at the workplace. Bamboo toilet paper can not only help stop the cutting down of trees and deforestation of old growth forests, it has many natural properties that make it a key component in fighting climate change. Supporting companies making bamboo products such as toilet paper will encourage the planting of bamboo. Bamboo acts as a natural air filter, filleting our 35% more carbon dioxide than average trees do, leaving the air cleaner than before. Bamboo also does not require fertilizer to grow or pesticides to keep it healthy. It’s a robust, fast growing sustainable material that is making a huge change for the environment. Experts say switching to bamboo for toilet paper, household products, clothing and building materials can help to sway climate and even potentially reverse the damage done to the environment.

    Better than Trees

    Bamboo is much more sustainable than using trees. In fact, Bamboo is not a tree, it is technically a type of grass. This means once cut as the base it can re-grow quickly from the cut. This is unlike a tree, after a tree is cut down it must be replanted and the germination process the seed goes thought can take a long time to produce a new sapling. Trees used for toilet paper like Maple and Oak trees also take a long time to grow and mature; anywhere from 20 to 30 years to reach a maturity to harvest. Bamboo grows quickly, and with over 1,000 species of bamboo it has adapted to many different climates. Bamboo can grow to be 90 feet tall in just 5 weeks, that’s 2 inches every day!

    Healthy Alternative

    Bamboo toilet paper is not only healthier for the environment but better for the health household and workplace. Bamboo possesses a property that makes it an “anti-microbial” material like silver or merino wool. This means it helps illuminate danground fungus and bacteria. It also naturally helps to get rid of pre existing order and and control bad smells. This also makes bamboo a great product for a range of household products like paper towels, toothbrushes and facial tissue. It’s soft to the touch behaves the same, if not better than normal wood based toilet paper.


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