Exfoliating Scrub: Is it important?

    Exfoliating Scrub

    Skin care routines—everyone has one. While each person’s process is different based on what works for them and their skin, we can all agree that there is one step we all look forward to—exfoliation! One of the most soothing parts of a skin care routine is the exfoliating scrub. It is such a refreshing moment to know that all the dirt and grub of the day are being washed away and you’ve got a clean slate once again. It’s a meditative way to end the day and we’re hooked. But how important is it? Balancing the benefits of combative and preventative, the exfoliating scrub step of your skin care routine should never be missed.

    Still not convinced that exfoliating scrubs are an important component of your routine? Well, here are seven reasons that might change your mind on why exfoliating scrub is a key piece to your skin care routine.

    1. Unclog your pores

    Using an exfoliating scrub helps make sure nothing bad (think sweat, dirt, bacteria) gets stuck in your pores. It also sweeps away all that dead skin that is just sitting there. Using an exfoliating scrub is a gentle way to eliminate all that negative stuff on our skin and leave it feeling pure and wholesome again.

    1. Avoid acne

    No one wants acne and exfoliating scrubs to work hard to ensure your skin remains blemish free. Because it unclogs the pores, the risk of acne is instantly reduced. Exfoliating scrubs also help stimulate the skin cells to work a bit harder and keep the skin hydrated, smooth and balanced.

    1. It’s a great teammate

    There is no one skin care product (as of yet) that is a one-stop solution for great skin. Your skin care routine should be a range of products that work together and balance one another out to achieve one common goal. Exfoliating scrubs are just that—it helps eliminate the bad stuff so the other products can work their own magic. Dead skin is a common roadblock in allowing skin care products to produce positive results. So if you don’t make the effort to remove that bad stuff, why invest in all these products if they won’t ever be able to do any good for your skin?

    1. Acts as an eraser

    You don’t have to be stuck with those dark spots, rough textures or scars. The right exfoliating scrub can actually help erase all of these things and leave your skin smoother than ever before! It doesn’t fix it all with one scrub, but dedication and daily use of an exfoliating scrub helps get your skin on the road to smoothness over time.

    1. Boosts your circulation

    Yes, really! Cleansing your skin with an exfoliation scrub aids in stimulating lymphatic drainage and stimulation of oxygen-rich blood. So you can eliminate the unhealthy layers of your skin while equally boosting that rich, radiant and natural skin glow!

    1. Increases cell turnover

    Exfoliation scrubs enhance cell turnover, which in results produces that sought-after glow! A higher cell turnover also allows your skin to become firmer, reduce those lines and wrinkles and feel super hydrated!

    1. Stimulates collagen

    Exfoliation scrubs are a key component of reducing aging-effects of the skin, mainly because it helps stimulate collagen in your body! It is ultimately the collagen that lets your skin look plump, polished and youthful and will have you feeling great in your own skin.

    From acting as a meditative cleanser, preventing unwanted outbreaks and encouraging other natural benefits, the exfoliating scrub really is a wonder of the beauty world that can work its magic on any and all skin types!


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