Black and Blue Release Date For India Confirmed!

Black and Blue

Black and Blue is another American upcoming action and thriller film having a screenplay by Peter A Dowling. Deon Taylor will direct this amazing movie that follows Alicia an American Army expert who is coming back in New Orleans (Hometown).

Earlier, Alicia was selected as a police officer in New Orleans. She has learned there, what is the difference between the local communities and police departments.

Several things have changed at once when she receives a call for an incident of 911. During the investigation of the incident, she finds many gun spot there. Then she plans to head over the place of the incident.  Due to which she comes to know that two police officers and Deacon murdered a person who deals in drugs.

One police officer is trying to keep quiet the Alicia. But when he finds the camera is in his front then he shoots Alicia. However, if we are talking about the cast then the following will follow Alicia in the movie as cast members.

  • Naomie Harris will perform as Alicia West
  • Tyrese Gibson will perform as Milo “Mouse” Jackson
  • Frank Grillo will perform as Terry Malone
  • Mike Colter will perform as Darius
  • Reid Scott will perform as Kevin Jennings
  • Beau Knapp will perform as Smitty
  • Nafessa Williams will perform as Missy
  • James Moses Black will perform as Deacon Brown
  • Frankie Smith will perform as Tez

The filming of the movie has been started in January this year. However, it was released in the USA on 25th October 2019. But now, the movie is going to hit the screens in India on 8th November 2019. I hope, fans in India will really enjoy Alicia working as a police officer.


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