iZombie Season 5, This is How Series Concluded with a Happy Note

iZombie Season 5

iZombie, an American Dramedy Just Completed its Journey Consisting of 5 Seasons.

The series, sparked by the chills of zombie horror but in a humorist or a quite different way followed the life story of Liv who happened to become a zombie. On finding out that she can stay calm disguising her human form but all she needs is to eat Human Brains to satisfy her hunger. However, instead of killing innocents, Liv chooses to work at a morgue to consume the brains of dead people.

Well, this wasn’t the whole of the story, just a beginning. After that, Liv realized that could feel the past memories of the dead people whose brains she used to eat. So, consequently, she moved on to help the police in resolving the murder cases of the deads through using the hints and clues from the dead brain memories which she inherited.

However, in the following seasons 2, 3, 4, and now 5, the story takes many twists and turns.

With the progression of the series, we witnessed that a zombie virus turned many of the town people into zombies. And some organizations working to trigger the zombie virus, and rule over the humans. Whereas, on the other hand, many humans assembled together to wipe out zombies from their town.

Consequently, a kind of battle uproared between zombies and humans. Unconditionally, Liv and her fellows risked their lives to bring peace in the world.

Moreover, many underlying secrets came up including the truth about Liv’s biological father and her zombie avatar.

After a lot of bloodsheds, and die-hard attempts, Liv succeeded in fetching peace between humans and zombies. Although, an anti-zombie worked well to turn zombies into normal beings.

So, this is how IZombie ended with a happy ending with everything resolved, and a world with zombies and humans living peacefully, together.

Surely, we will miss the spectacular series which presents the reality of zombies in a whole new and hell interesting way.


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