7 Examples of Companies That Succeed Regards To Employee Policy

7 Examples of Companies

Having a great company with great staff and Employee policy is no longer just a dream. Nowadays workers think about it as much as they think about wages and additional benefits. Incredible Staff and Employee Policy are almost expected along with other usual benefits.

While policies that works for one company might not work for another one, but businesses can always learn and foster from the existing policies as an example. Moreover, there are useful hacks on how to drive sales of your own that should be given due recognition. Along with the hack, these are the seven companies that portray an ideal blend of staff or employee policy. Take a look!

  1. FedEx Corporation

In its employee policies, FedEx offers an annual survey and feedback program. FedEx Employees endow with helpful feedback and organization meets to discuss outcomes. The program allows problem assessment and resolution opportunities. FedEx Corporation provides a well-organized way to address problems in order to keep the staff policy balanced.

  1. Prudential

The Staff and Employee policy at Prudential is very clear cut all it needs is to be a high-performance company and a wonderful place to work. According to prudential employees and Human Resources info, the company does not have high turnover, absence rates are low, and disciplinary modus operandi levels are put into practice.

  1. Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce Company is extensively tantamount with quality Staff and Employee Policies. More than 30 percent of the senior managers at Rolls-Royce started at trainee-level with the corporation. The business staff and employee policy model and value chain are incredibly ground-breaking. Rolls-Royce values revolution and development.

  1. Shell

The Incredible human resource department at Shell plays a significant role in forming and implementing staff and employee strategy at the company by ground-breaking international managing practices. While most out of the country projects fail, this is not the case with Shell. The company’s HR is able to manage foreign assignments by maintaining tabs on their overseas employees.

  1. Ford

The Ford Company is recognized for its Human Resources innovation through a highly disciplined staff and employee policy with exceptional training opportunities, and strong and unswerving process. When it comes to human resource and employee policies, Ford focuses on implementing vigorous messages through the elimination of emotion and dependence on data.

  1. LinkedIn

Business Insider ranked LinkedIn as one of the most attractive companies to work for and in 2014; Glassdoor documented LinkedIn as #23 in their 50 Best companies to Work in 2015. What sets LinkedIn apart from its rivals is its Human Resources innovation and team practice. The dictum at LinkedIn is to work hard and play hard.

  1. Twitter

Twitter was just named second as the overall best company to work for employing over 1,000 employees. Twitter’s ground-breaking Human Resources department promotes work and personal life stability, with good recruits that respect the company culture. Human Resources focus a lot of time and attention to training managers to lead while maintaining a culture of authenticity.


Good staff and employee policies is what makes an organization keep going these examples of successful companies can help you to implement an incredible employee policy.


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