Benefits of Carrying A Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

Carrying Medical Marijuana Card

Maryland is a coastal state that is known for its crab cakes and blue shrimps. Throughout its history, most of its counties have depended on water, particularly the Chesapeake Bay, for their livelihood. It is not a surprise considering that there are more than 4,000 miles of shoreline in the state. Apart from fishing, coal, and manufacturing, medical cannabis has started to contribute to the regional economy, especially in recent years. In this article, you will know about Benefits of Carrying A Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland.

For instance, the medical cannabis industry in Maryland was estimated to be valued over $250 million by the end of 2019. There are more than six million residents in the state, which is comparable to that of Colorado. Unlike the Centennial State, however, recreational marijuana is not allowed here in “Little America.” 

However, even if carrying small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized, you might still get into trouble if you have weed in your possession. If you need the herb for pain management or any other condition, you need to present a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card to law enforcers.

Here are the advantages if you carrying a medical marijuana card with you:

Less legal hassle

How small is a “small” amount? The law states that it should be less than 10 grams. However, while you won’t see a minute in prison, you will still have to pay a fine (a maximum of $100). So, if you can show your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card to the police officer, then you are off the hook.

You save money

If you are a card-carrying member, you get a discount on the cannabis you purchase from licensed dispensaries. In some states, marijuana is heavily taxed, which makes it quite expensive. However, when you present your card, you may get the medicine at a more affordable cost. The government also makes concessions to the levies. For example, the state does not impose sales tax on medicines, which cover medical cannabis.

Children can get access

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, they are only allowed to sell to users over 21. They will face stiff penalties if they violate this rule, which could include the revocation of their permits to operate. However, if you apply for a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card, the underage patient will get relief for chronic pain or debilitating condition. The state allows your child to have access to cannabis as long as you have the doctor’s prescription with the assistance of a caregiver.

Higher potency

Recreational marijuana does not have the THC potency contained in some oils and tinctures. The medical-grade product will help alleviate the suffering of the patient. For example, about 14 states have placed a cap of the THC content for recreational marijuana. Also, dispensaries are not allowed to refuse your business, especially when it is meant for a patient. The medical marijuana card is proof enough that you will be using the product for a listed condition. 

In the end, the medical marijuana card would make it more straightforward for you to transact with dispensaries. In fact, you are also allowed to grow your own plants so that you have a steady supply. It would be more convenient in times of emergencies when you could not go to the dispensary. 


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