Why is my Printer Offline? – Simple Solutions for Windows

why is my printer offline
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The Importance of Printer 

Wondering why is my printer offline? Well, before we dig into the printer offline error. Let us know more about them first. Printers have slowly become a significant part of our lives. Be it in the office or any other document related work. We are surrounded by printers and count on them on almost a daily basis. The diverse use of the printers, along with a high efficiency, makes them an essential part of any workspace.

However, there are times when these smart printers may face some issues as well. There are two most common issues which an average printer user faces.

Two Most Common Printer Issues

  • Running out of Ink

Well, if you have used a printer anytime in your life, you should be aware that an ink cartridge is like the heart of a printer. Therefore, one has to keep a constant check and keep it up at all times. If your printer runs out of ink, then there is no way that it can function and give out the desired results. So, in order to solve the first most common issue of a printer, you need to have an extra ink cartridge at all times around your printer. It doesn’t matter if you are using or operating your printer on windows, a mac or any other system.

Also, several types of inks come from different companies and types of printers, so it is advised to check the cartridge compatibility before you get on for your new printer. As of now, the first and simple error is resolved. Let’s move on to the next most common printer error. Unlike this issue, this second one is a bit more complex and can have several solutions.

  • Why is My Printer Offline?

Here, let us talk about the main issues of this article about printer issues. Getting your printer to display an offline error is also quite common. This printer is offline error can get a bit annoying as it is hard to diagnose the reason behind it at first. However, here we are going to share several reasons and their solutions that you can use the next time you see this. Different operating systems that are linked/connected to the printer have different solutions. Let us check out some of the best ways to fix offline printer issues!

Reasons Behind the Offline Printer Error

  • Wifi

Since the printer and your system both are counting on the internet connection. It is extremely important to keep the wifi and its connectivity in check. If you want your printer to function seamlessly, always ensure a smooth internet connection.

  • Reboot the Printer 

Another thing that you should do before start your works day on the printer is to reboot it. By rebooting the printer, you will refresh the system and printer’s connection so that they both and function well.

  • Delete the Backlogs 

Also, to get a smooth experience with your printer, you should clear all the pending tasks and programmes before you start up a new one. Overloading the printer with several studies in the backlog is never a good idea.

The printer is Offline- Simple Solutions (Windows)

why is my printer offline
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There are various reasons and solutions when your printer goes offline. Different operating systems and different companies of printers have different ways to resolve this. Let us check out some of the most common printer offline solutions below.

Change the Settings

When the printer is not working, it is primarily due to the pre-selected settings that the system picks up most of the time. In order to change these pre-set printer settings, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

Open the Control Panel 

No matter which windows version or operating system you are on, you can easily open the control panel with the help of the start button or windows search bar.

Look for Hardware or Printer Settings

Here, you have to look for an option that says hardware or printers. Once you find and open hardware or printer, a new window will pop open.

Now, you will have all the hardware options that are connected to your system. Look for your printers name here and open it.

Check the List

From the list of various printers and scanners (which can be connected in the past as well that windows automatically saves), find the name of your current printer that you are using.

Time to Change the Settings

Now, once you locate and open the settings, you will need to open your current printer yours. Here, select the option that says open queue. Now, look at the top left corner of the new open window where it says printer. Go to this option and look at the use printer offline option. That option will likely have a tick next time, which means the system has selected the printer to work offline.

Untick the Settings

Now that you have found the offline printer bar click on it to deselect the option. By doing so, your system will not take up the printer offline and will only function when the printer is online.

Alternate Solutions 

For windows printers, the printer solution that we have mentioned above will most likely do the job.

Change it to Default. 

Often, when the printer is not set as default, it can also show numerous errors. The best way to deal with this issue is to change your current printer to the Default one.

For this, you need to open and visit the control panel of your windows system again. Now, here look up the hardware and printer settings again. Once you open the hardware windows, you have to get into the printer and scanners settings. Now, locate the icon which has the name of the current printer that you are using. Go to the current printers icon and then right-click on it. You will here get an option to select this printer as Default.

Driver Issues 

If you are a regular or old windows user, then you must be aware of the importance of drivers. The windows system drivers play a vital role in almost every aspect of the system. So, in order to fix the issue with the printer, you can also check on the drivers once.

To check or update the drivers, you need to open the drive manager. After opening the pop-up windows of drivers, you have to locate the drivers that are made to support your current printer. Once you spot or locate the printer drivers, you have to right-click on it and look for the update driver option. If there are any new updates that are required in the printer driver, then you will resolve the issue immediately.

The printer is Offline- Simple Solutions (Mac)

why is my printer offline
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Solving the printer is an offline issue in Mac ios is comparatively a bit easy. If you are operating a printer of a particular company, then you will also get an app to download along with it. The software of the printer will lookout all the functions in the Mac operating system.

So, when you get the printer is an offline issue in Mac, the first thing that you should do is open the printer software that comes along with the printer itself.

Now, you can do two things from here on.

Run a Self Diagnoses- 

Almost all the major printer company software has an option where the software is able to self diagnose the error and give out the solution as well.

In order to execute this printer self-diagnoses, open it try to spot the self-diagnoses option. Most likely, it will be on the top toolbar of the software. Once you run the printer self-diagnoses, it will check on all the connections and the functions of the printers.

Change the Settings Manually

If the self-diagnosis doesn’t work, you can always look into the settings yourself and make the needed changes. To check the printer settings on your Mac manually, you have to open System preferences. System preferences are just like the control panel of Mac systems.

Once you open the system preference, try to locate printers and scanning devices here. After you open the printer and scanners, locate the current printer that you are using and double-click on it.

You will now see a printer related window that will have all the settings and information in it. The best way to resolve the offline issue of the printer is by resting the entire printer connecting to your Mac system.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

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Well, besides this, you should also keep these other things in mind so that your printer runs smoothly. 

Reconnect and Restart

Before using your printer after a long while, you need to restart and reconnect the printer and the system. By doing so, you will form a clear and smooth connection between the two. 

Regular Servicing 

Another rookie mistake that a lot of printer owners make is that they don’t give in their printers for servicing on the due dates. If the printer is left without regular servicing, then it may start causing a lot of issues in the long run. 


Now you know how to solve the issue of printer offline issue in both Windows and Mac. Also, keep the other tips in mind to ensure a smooth and easy use of your printer. 


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