12 Gifts Every Outdoorsman Will Love

Gifts Outdoorsman Will Love

There are so many gadgets and gizmos targeted at outdoorsmen that when it comes to buying a gift for the outdoorsy type in your life, the decision can feel overwhelming. If you are out of gift ideas, this guide features some of the best outdoor items available, from safety devices to tools that can add a touch of comfort to any camping trip. 12 Gifts Every Outdoorsman Will Love-

  1. A GhostBlind for Hunting

If your outdoorsy friend is a fan of hunting, they will appreciate being given a GhostBlind. Quality huntings blinds can significantly improve results, and the camouflaged exterior can make them imperceptible to surrounding wildlife. Alternatively, try a mirrored blind like GhostBlinds. Unlike permanent blinds, GhostBlinds are portable, and they use mirrors to reflect the surrounding environment, so there is no need to brush in. Here is boat replacement parts.

2. A Portable Coffee Maker 

Just because you’re camping in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a quality caffeine fix in the morning! Treat the outdoorsman in your life to a portable coffee maker, and you’ll make their day. There is a wide range of models available, from hand-powered espresso makers to French press travel carafes. 

3. A Backpacking Hammock

Hammocks offer backpackers, hunters and hikers maximum comfort while in the woods without the need for inflatable mattresses or pillows. Backpacking hammocks are extremely light and roll up, so they can be slipped into a bag pocket, and typically come with rope and carabiners for easy assembly. Whether the outdoorsman in your life plans to stay overnight or just have a comfortable place to rest on a day out, they’ll be thankful to have a quality hammock.

4. A Water Filtration Straw

Having a plentiful source of clean water is a major concern for all trips in the great outdoors, which is why a water filtration straw is such a helpful tool. These small, light gadgets allow you to drink directly from natural water sources, such as rivers and lakes, because they effectively filter bacteria, parasites, microplastics, and dirt. This potentially life-saving tool is ideal for anyone who loves hiking, hunting or fishing in the backcountry.

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5. A Gel Seat Cushion

Hunters and fishermen tend to spend long stretches of time sitting, patiently waiting for their prey. After a while, this can get uncomfortable and even cause or aggravate existing health problems such as sciatica further down the line. 

A portable gel cushion is an ideal solution as it provides pressure point relief and helps increase blood flow. They typically come with a carabiner for easy carrying and are available in camouflage material to help keep hunters out of sight. 

6. A Portable Shower with Heater

When spending time in the wilderness, it’s virtually impossible to stay clean — that is, without a heated portable shower. There’s nothing more revitalizing than a shower after a long day in the woods, but usually outdoorsmen have to wait until they’re back home to enjoy that luxury.  Portable showers are a fantastic gift for outdoorsy types as it’s something they probably haven’t bought themselves but will definitely appreciate, whether you opt for a solar panel or battery-powered version. 

7. A Paracord Kit

Paracord comes in handy for all sorts of things while in the great outdoors, from climbing and lassoing to fastening items together; however, it gets tangled easily if carried loose. A paracord kit solves this issue and usually comes with a useful blade to cut it to size and even a lightstick for emergencies. This simple gadget could get the outdoorsman in your life out of a sticky situation when in the wilderness. 

8. An SOS Satellite Device 

On the more expensive end of the gift-giving spectrum, the safety advantages an SOS satellite device offers make it well worth the price. These nifty gadgets allow adventurers to communicate with a mobile phone even while out of cell service. They have an SOS satellite communication feature for emergencies and a GPS tracker for navigation and so someone back home can find you at all times. These devices are essential for optimum safety and peace of mind.

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9. A Mosquito Repeller 

If you’ve ever been bitten by mosquitos, you know that those pesky bugs can ruin a camping trip. Although there are lots of personal sprays and citronella candles on the market, none of them seem to work as well as heat-activated repellers. They create a large area of scent-free protection and are extremely portable.

10. An Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket is a small item that could save an outdoorsman’s life as they protect from wind, rain, snow and hypothermia. These cleverly designed blankets are ultra-thin and fold up super small so they can be taken anywhere and, with a little bit of paracord, can be turned into a bivy bag or shelter in an emergency. 

11. A GoPro Action Camera

An action camera such as a GoPro allows outdoorsmen to capture their adventures on film or stream live. They can be strapped to a helmet or even a rifle, so you can record your hunts, climbs, or treks handsfree. Not only do these powerful cameras allow you to record the stunning scenery you come across on your adventures, but they are also incredibly useful for hunters who want to review what went well and what they could improve on after a hunt. 

12. A Portable Solar Charger 

These days, many useful electronic gadgets are made for adventures in the wild that keen outdoorsmen love to take with them. One of the best gifts you could buy for a lover of the great outdoors is a portable solar battery charger. This nifty gadget could get them out of a tricky bind because all it needs is the sun to charge it. 

There’s Something for Everyone

Thanks to advances in technology and design, many useful tools make wilderness adventures safer, more comfortable and much more fun. Whether you are working with a limited budget or want to spoil the outdoorsman you love with an extravagant gift, there is something on this gift guide that every huntsman, hiker, climber or angler would love to own. 


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