4 PDF Editing Tools That You Should Start Using Today

PDF Editing

PDF editing is an essential process for people or businesses that handle their files in PDFs. If you wish to know the tools to use with the editing process, you are in the perfect spot. This article will provide some online tools or software that will take care of your PDFs. So here are some PDF editing tools that you should start using today.


The first PDF editing tool that we should discuss is PDFBear. This online software is capable of merging, compressing, converting, splitting, protecting, unlocking, and edit PDF documents without putting pressure on your shoulder. If you are new to using this platform, every function it offers are easy to use, and you will be provided with step by step instructions to make everything easier.

PDFBear is also the safest and most reliable online-based PDF editing tool that people can access on the internet. With that said, the documents you upload and edit are erased in not more than one hour on its server. This process is to make sure that unwanted individuals will not use your files on the internet. Besides that, you can also access PDFBear on different operating systems, mobile devices, and computer anytime and anywhere.

Sejda PDF Editor

This PDF editor is among the few online software that will allow you to edit the pre-existing text in a PDF file without adding any watermark. Some PDF editors will only allow users to edit that they add themselves or supports editing texts, but there will be watermarks. In addition to that, Sejda PDF editor is online-based; that’s why it’s relatively easy to use its functions anywhere you are without downloading any programs. There is also a desktop version if you wish to use it.

There are also slight differences between the desktop and online versions that you should be aware of. The desktop program can support more font types and won’t allow users to add PDF files from cloud storage services or through URL, which is the other way for the online version. The website supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Another great function is its web integration feature that allows PDF publishers to offer links for their customers to just press to open the document in Sejda PDF editor instantly.  This online platform is compatible with different operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.


Inkscape is another popular image editor and viewer for free, but it’s also capable of editing your PDFs for PDF editors. This software can easily edit image files, but it might be a little bit advanced for users. In PDF document editing, people should add Inkscape to their list if they wish to edit or delete the text or images in a PDF file. 

But if you want to add shapes or edit PDF files, you should use other online software in this list, then use Inkscape if you need to edit any pre-existing text. If you are a PC user, you can install this software on Linux, macOS, or Windows operating systems.

PDFescape Online PDF Editing

PDFescape is an online software equipped with many features. You can use it for free if your PDFs do not exceed 10MB or 100 pages. If you use this editor, you can’t really alter text or edit photos, but you can add text, form fields, links, images, and more. Users can customize their text tool to choose their own color, font type, alignment, size, and add effects like italics, underlinings, and bolding.

Users can draw on their PDFs, add strikethrough text, sticky notes, place white space over everything you wish to hide, insert comments, rectangles, circles, ovals, arrows, checkmarks, and lines. PDFescape allows its users to delete specific pages from their PDFs, crop any part of the pages, rearrange the pages, add more PDF pages, and rotate them. You can also upload your PDF document, paste the link or URL, and create your PDF file from scratch.

After editing, you are allowed to download the file to your PC without registering an account. You only need one if you wish to save any progress online if you choose not to download the PDF. Its online version is compatible with different operating systems.

Takeaway of PDF Editing

If you wish to edit your PDFs safely and conveniently, you might need to consider using the tools listed in this article. Besides those advantages, your PDF documents are also processed without sacrificing their quality. You can merge, edit, compress, and split your PDFs depending on which online tool you use.


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