Upgrading A Home Setup Improves Gaming And Streaming Experiences


The world of gaming has changed dramatically over the past decade. Yes, it has become far more competitive, but it has also allowed people to profit off of playing games beyond those who are professional esports players.

Gaming used to be about big LAN parties and playing together on a similar setup as a home man cave. That would allow gamers to play and watch others but also follow their favorite sports and college basketball picks today. But as gaming has progressed, the setups have changed.

Moving away from an entertainment geared at having fun and enjoying company, and while the latter is still true, a competitive era of gaming has allowed for entirely new gadgets. Here is a look at different gadgets to improve home gaming and streaming setups.

Upgrading Systems

As technology evolves, so do the systems. As older systems are fazed out in time, upgrading to the latest Xbox, PlayStation, gaming computer, or laptop is always recommended. Being able to get the fastest speeds, best graphics, and frames is optimal in the competitive era.

That includes downsizing in screen size if it has not been done already. Gone are the days of gaming competitively on television. These are the days of gaming on a monitor for the best visibility.

Particularly condensing the screen size allows for quicker reaction times, whether it is finding the right baseball pitch, spotting a camper hiding in a corner in a gun game, or other game reactions. It is imperative to have that quicker reaction time than maybe not seeing it on a larger television screen.

Accessorizing Game Play

Being able to upgrade to noise-canceling headphones is an experience that will change the way people play games. Being able to focus on a game and communicating amongst teammates is a big part of playing well competitively.

There are also upgrades to microphones that will help the overall experience for those who are streaming. Then there are different controllers that will come with paddles or other elements that help people improve at specific games. Kontrol Freeks, which go on the top of joysticks, will help gamers control their movements better.

Investing in blue light glasses also helps ease the eyes. It can fine-tune the colorways of the games that are being played. It certainly allows for less strain and stress throughout the hours of gameplay.

Entering The Streaming World

Many of the above upgrades are necessary for those who want to get into streaming. There are a lot of benefits of streaming, including developing a community, gaining friends and relationships with others, and being able to add supplemental income.

Some streamers have been able to turn it into a career, but it requires long days and being able to focus on a specific game or set of games over time. There is a lot of investment upfront, and the supplemental income can help build the stream quality and other gadgets to improve things.

But the streaming world is big on all sorts of gadgets. El Gato has put out a lot of products to improve things and help users fine-tune their streams. A stream deck allows gamers to switch between 16 or more different screens, sounds, and other customizable programs. It is a great way to mix up scenes.

There are also high-definition cameras and foot pedals that help improve the quality of the stream and make it easier for a streamer to navigate through scenes. One of the most important pieces El Gato has developed is a capture card, which allows most streamers to connect their console gameplay through their computer or laptop.

Those streamers are also content creators, posting long-form videos and shorts on YouTube and creating various clips for social media platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. There are wireless and Bluetooth microphones that allow for optimal content creation. But most will have a microphone stand and either a Blue Yeti or another popular brand that captures quality sound.

Editing software is another area where streamers have to invest. Being able to edit and fine-tune videos, thumbnails, audio, and more to make the best user experience is key and takes time to perfect. Doing so allows for a great payoff.


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