Tips To Becoming A Better Gamer

Better Gamer

The eSports world has taken over the entertainment industry. It was aided by the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down so many avenues to gather with friends. Gaming allowed for a safe way to stay connected amidst a deadly virus.

For older generations, they could find the best online casinos, which even made their way to a younger demographic. But the eSports world has been so competitive and created a shift in gaming with different gadgets and other items helping those improve.

Here are a few ways to improve as a gamer.

Getting On The Sticks

Part of improving is by actually playing. Becoming a better player for whatever the game may be does not happen overnight. Conversely, practicing bad habits is not good, either.

Being able to record the gameplay and see how you are playing is key. There are several software options that allow this. Playing back to find the positive and negative tendencies is a way to improve consistent good habits and fine-tune the other areas of a game.

Playing with randoms is another great way to improve. Having a role on a team or playing with other friends can often be the same rut over time. Getting into games with strangers allows for better conversation and seeing different levels of playing.

It also could allow for playing with players with a higher skill set. They may have some tips for improving in a particular game that you both enjoy. The option to play again with the same players is a great way to capitalize on these interactions.

Recover, Rest, And Relax

Spare all the jokes about gaming nerds and being sweaty in mom’s basement. Being able to get a workout each day, even if it is a 30-minute walk, is a great way to recharge the batteries. That physical activity stimulates other areas to help improve mental fortitude and is good for one’s physical health.

Being able to also take care of the body is just as important. The time away from gaming means getting a nap in or getting plenty of sleep to make sure one is in a peak mental state. This is best for hand-eye coordination and being able to react to things quickly.

It is often a misconception that staying up late to play games and waking up for a work day or schoolwork is OK. But it really does more harm than good.

The last element is to stay hydrated. It is easy to get trapped into playing games with minimal breaks. But getting up once an hour to refuel with water, use the bathroom, and get some fresh air can allow for a short mental reset.

Learning Session

Aside from the personal sessions of reviewing game films and practicing with others, there are various ways to learn. Most eSports leagues are cast on a streaming service where users can go back and rewatch specific maps or moves.

Those professionals are typically streaming in their free time, too. Being able to watch the pros with an opportunity to ask questions and get that feedback, or perhaps they talk about it on their own, is a huge opportunity to improve one’s skills before playing again.

There are also content creators who are not professionals at a particular game. However, they spend their time playing hours of those games, so they are knowledgeable about gun load-outs, gaming strategies, and other key pieces of information worth applying, too.

Improving The Setup

Part of the gaming industry’s growth was the competitiveness era of gaming. No longer were people gaming on their bigger televisions because a gaming monitor offered better frame rates, a larger field of view, better colors, and crisper graphics. 

That was particularly true as consoles developed, became quicker, and always improved their graphics. Upgrading to a new Xbox or PlayStation 5, or even a gaming computer or laptop, is optimal for competitive gamers.

There are also accessories that help players focus better. Getting noise-canceling headphones is one way to block everything out except the gameplay. There are also drinks designed to improve the concentration of gamers.

Gamers will find better controllers designed to improve certain movements. Other accessories include items designed to better control the joysticks, too.

Hopefully, these are helpful ways to improve in a competitive eSports world.


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