Titans Season 2: Episode 1 Title “Trigon” : Written Update, Review

Titans Season 2

Titans Season 2 Episode hit the DC Universe on September 6, 2019. The Episode is titled “Trigon”. In the first episode, we’ witnessed the rise and fall of Trigon who’s Rachel’s father.

Titans Season 2: Episode 1 Title ” Trigon”: Review: Written Update

Titans Season 2 opens up while continuing the chain of events from the finale of season one. If you remember,  by the end of Titans Season 1, we witnessed Dick becoming an evil puppet as Trigon trapped him into a fantasy leading him to embrace the darkness. The first episode of Titans Season 2 titled as “Trigon” continues the chain of events; Trigon entrapping Rachel’s friends to embrace darkness so that he can break Rachel’s heart.  Trigon entrapped Kory, Jason, Donna, Dawn, and Hank into respective fantasies/dreams leading them to embrace the darkness and become his puppets.

So, Trigon succeeded in breaking Rachel’s heart by turning all of them into evil and triggering them to beat Gar to death. Then he dragged out Rachel’s heart and transform himself into his true demonic form. As Trigon used Rachel’s heart to rise again, her heart turned into a red stone that he put into her head brining her back to life but as evil.

He then moved ahead to destroy humanity and he started it with killing Angela. Anyhow, Gar somehow succeeded in bringing Rachel back to her conscious. Rachel then brought Dick back from his evil dream while reaching to him (as it was destined that Rachel’s the one who will help Dick to heal himself and pull himself out of his bitter past memories). After that Rachel banished Trigon with her powers. On the other hand, everyone gained conscious as they were no longer in the control of Trigon’s evil powers. There started the journey of the New Titans.

After defeating Trigon, Dick, Rachel, Jason, and Gar moved ahead to embark on a new journey whereas Kory, Donna, Dove and, Hawk headed on towards their respective paths. Meanwhile, upon learning about Titans’ return, Deathstroke headed on to take revenge.


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