History of Halloween


How Halloween started? It began as the Samhain festival. Samhain shows the end of the harvesting season and the start of the winter season.

It is a Gaelic festival. Generally, it is celebrated from 31st October to 1st November.

In Britain and other parts of Europe, it was the part of old Celtic religion. Celts believed that the ghosts roamed on earth freely on this day. The Celtic people take the shape of ghosts and think that they can make a link between the spiritual world and the real world.

The festival of Halloween can be observed every year. The people think that the barrier between dead and living breakdown. This could be observed every year when children wear different costumes. They also wear carving pumpkins on their heads.

In this way, they welcome these spirits by wearing a distinct type of costumes and doing some Halloween makeup. They do so to look like them so that the spirits feel not bad. And they bless them with several kinds of things.

Besides all, the children also get some kinds of sweets from their neighbors. And they make a get together for making their Halloween night a sparkling night.

Halloween activities embrace some distinct type of doings like:

  • Trick-or-treating
  • Halloween costume parties
  • Carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns
  • Lighting bonfires
  • Divination games
  • Apple bobbing,
  • Visit haunted attractions
  • Enjoying pranks
  • Telling chilling stories
  • Just like a horror movie

Likewise, in different parts of the world, the Christian spiritual observances of All Hallows’ Eve, as well as attend the church and lighten up the candles on the graves of the dead. Some Christians abstained from meat and traditionally they eat only vegetables and fruits.

Trick-or-treating is a traditional celebration on this day for children. They go door to door and ask for some sweets, candies or some money with the question Trick or Treat?

The word “Trick” means you have to perform some threatened trick if you did not give a treat. The children have to dance or sing some songs to get treat. In some age’s men and boys went door to door asking for some coins.

According to the record of old Romans the tribes of Germany and France also wear skin and head of dead animals.

This day is also celebrated as the day to find your soul mate in some parts of Ireland. They play some kind of romantic fortune-telling games and find their soul mate.

On the day of “Halloween”, some people deny adopting the black cats. The people think that wrong or bad people adopt animals like a black cat to do something evil.

In the world, there are different kinds of believes in the “Halloween”. But every year people celebrate this with more passion strong believe and great participation.



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