The legendary Jim Laker

Jim Laker

England has had some excellent cricket players in its history. An iconic name to come from that part of the world is Jim Laker. He was a player who played professionally between 1946 and 1964. During most of his career, he spent time in the English County Championship. At the same time, he also was an international player with the English national squad. Information about the world and Indian sports news is only on, which is an excellent platform with accurate and trustworthy sources.

Some of the domestic teams where Jim Laker played were:

  • Surrey;
  • Auckland;
  • and Essex.

Laker was a right-arm off-break bowler. In fact, during his career, he impressed everybody thanks to his spin bowler technique. His excellent performances have made many people consider him one of the best spin bowlers in the history of the game. The 1xNews India website has excellent sports news on cricket from all over the world, and it features only the best information.

Incredible achievements

1956 was a special year in Laker’s career. During that period, he was in a test match against Australia. In the contest celebrated in Old Trafford, Jim Laker made an excellent record that stands even today. For those who want to find out cricket betting tips – 1xNews is the best site to do that, and it covers cricket in India, England, and many other places.

Out of 20 wickets in total, he was able to take 19, which is an impressive feat that is unlikely to be replicated anytime soon. This contest took place between the 26th and 31st of July 1956. The final result was the English team winning by 170 runs.

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This was a difficult defeat for the Australians. However, someone who really had a good day back then was Jim Laker. The 1xNews site is the best place to find out cricket betting tips, which come from the most important cricket competitions worldwide.

Fantastic partnerships

Jim Laker by himself was able to wreak havoc on opposing squads. However, things were even worse for opposing teams when he partnered with other excellent players. In order to find the best information about great squads, the website is the best place to visit.

For example, one of the best partners that Laker had in his entire career was Tony Lock. He was a left-arm orthodox spinner. For the opposing batters, it could be quite difficult to face two excellent bowlers with such different techniques.

When needed, Laker could also perform as a batter or even as a fielder, which proves what a versatile player he was. The 1xNews website is the most accurate source of information for finding out about the best cricket players in the entire world.



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