‘The Kominsky Method’ Season 2 Cast: Who Stars In The Netflix Show?

The Kominsky Method Season 2

Kominsky Method getting much fame and success with the release of its season 1. Therefore, it is confirming that the show will return back definitely for the second season.

Lorre once again proves he is a masterful creator of the comedy genre. All of the actors in the series deliver fine comedic performances but none are better than Douglas and Arkin. This viewer has seen both of these veteran actors in comedic roles before when they have offered great portrayals.

With that being said, as a duo, the two have never been better and they are absolutely hilarious. Both actors convey their dialogue perfectly in sometimes subtle, sometimes sarcastic and sometimes flat out in your face ways.

However, the plot revolves around a seasoned actor and his agent who have remained best friends long after their heydays. The two are reluctant to age in a town where youth and beauty rule the stage, Los Angeles.

One still runs a talent agency and the other an acting studio. During the series, the men deal with their own separate issues oftentimes lean on each other for advice which is occasionally good, bad and periodically unwelcome. The series tackles subjects such as life, death, family, relationships, illness, the new breed of budding actors and much more.

One could easily binge this series and through pure enjoyment not realize how quickly time passed. This series is a fun-filled joy ride and dominating in its genre. This viewer looks forward to more to come. It is very cool.

Star Cast

Following will return to join the series as “The Kominsky Method Season 2”.

  • Sarah Baker as Mindy Kominsky
  • Melissa Tang played as Margaret
  • Jenna Lyng Adams played as Darshani
  • Casey Thomas Brown as Lane
  • Ashleigh Lathrop played as Breana
  • Emily Osment played as Theresa
  • Susan Sullivan played as Eileen.


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