Spiral Series 8 Filming and Episodes: No Air Date Yet

Spiral Series 8

Too surprised with this French TV series, not only given that, what fans feel the right feeling. But also it helps with too much stuff for high efficiency to clear out of their mind. You are now on series 7. It’s gritty, grimy and often unpleasant viewing but its great entertainment.

Great casting, acting, and plots for each season, very relevant to reality, too.  And when you talk about heroin, Berthaud is a true one, much better than Hollywood cartoon/lip service pop-ups.  And Karlson is another one, a woman who would not give up trying to make it in the world dominated by men and sleazy.

Also, the French don’t seem to be so hung up on political correctness. Most of the criminality is conducted by ethnic groups, living in social housing estates on the margins of French society. It reflects, how life is outside of the smartest arrondissements for these people, whether involved directly with a crime or having to live alongside it.

A great pool of fans is waiting for the upcoming part of the series. As they are expecting much entertainment from the Spiral Series 8. However, this will satisfy the thirst of the fans that the Spiral Series 8 is at the development stage. And the shooting has been started before.

Furthermore, this Spiral Series 8 will return back with 10 episodes. And I hope you will enjoy it as earlier seasons.


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